Friday, August 25, 2017

Whatcha Been Up To (Weekend Wonders)

This is the big project I talked about a while ago.  Rachel asked us to make her a Corn Hole game. HWNSNBP did all the wood work and I did the painting.  Being she's a Jersey Girl now living in Delaware that's what she wanted on them.  I found a free program on line that enabled me to enlarge the patterns for the states and despite what you see, I did use the same length for both states but Delaware definitely looks longer (which it definitely isn't) but there was no going back at that point. The lettering had to be done from scratch.  Painting items this large takes a toll on my back but I was glad to do it for her.  

We had our yearly crabbing expedition with our Table 7.  It was a beautiful day and full of a lot of fun.  This swan seemed to be racing with us at one point.

At one point I looked up and saw this little piece of rainbow cloud.  What do you see?  A unicorn or dragon maybe?  Or could it be a narwhal?

Leaving for home early on a Monday morning is not our usual plan but HWNSNBP wanted to instead of staying for the day so I told him if he was going to wake me up that early he would have to wait for me to take pictures of the sunrise.  And he did.

Not to be confused with the solar eclipse that we had just the other day, this was the moon the same morning of the sunrise pictures.  I think it's the first time I've ever gotten a picture of the moon where you can see the surface and not just a bright circle.  

When we got home, as I was watering our indoor plants I noticed that one of my orchids had attached itself to the plant shelf and window frame.  It was not easy getting off and I almost made it to the end without breaking it, but luckily just the tip came off.  

You can see from below that fall is certainly approaching - there are leaves dropping everywhere already along with other interesting stuff that's been growing on the trees in our yard.  It looks lettuce but I think it's some kind of lichen that grows on tree bark.  Whatever it is, it caught my eye coming into the house after a brief rain storm.  


  1. I had to look up Corn hole game... I thought Aunt Sally was the English equivalent, but I seem to have misremembered that. I'm sure she appreciates how much love and labour went into them, and they'll get great use. A work colleague had all sorts of outdoor games like that at his wedding reception a couple of years back.
    I love the swan photo, so atmospheric with those wooden piers. And the sunrise, just beautiful. The moon shot is very impressive too.

  2. Nice work building the game! What a stunning sunrise!

  3. Love the cornhole game! We made one awhile back for our son.
    Wonderful photos!!!!


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