Sunday, April 2, 2017

Write_On - National Letterwriting Month

This is a double challenge for me.  (One) to use up some of the scraps and make use of some of the cards I already have to (Two) write a note/letter to someone each day of the month of April.  I've been trying to put together at least one scrap card when I sit down to do my regular challenges.  Sometimes there are a couple.  Some are simple, others a little more involved, but I'm really trying to make use of things that I just couldn't throw out.  Things like duplicates of stamped images that I didn't use on the original card created, or simply, scraps of paper, designer or plain, that I felt might have a use in the future.  Now is the time to give them some life.  And that is also appropriate for this month that includes Earth Day as some of the elements may be reused/repurposed.

The image on the left card was a duplicate I had that was unfinished - I added some more white pencil to it and the little vellum butterfly from the scrap box.  The card on the left uses colored scraps along with some punched "lace" and three clay roses that I really never got the hang of, but these were usable.

I have a ton - well probably not a ton in actual weight because I'm sure the floor would cave in - but let's say a plethora of scrap paper and pads.  And stickers - another underused commodity in the craft room.  These butterflies found a home on some pretty scrap paper.

This card uses the stamped flower image along with the circles I punched out of a card that I received. 

A square of scrapbook paper with a punched butterfly.  The butterfly's body is one of those little clips that hold socks together before you buy them.  (Yeah, I save a lot of stuff!)

I found those folded pieces in the scrap box along with that turquoise tag.  I did use some alphabet dies to cut HI out of the bottom of the tag with another scrap underneath to match the colors in the folded piece.  

Believe it or not, with the exception of the ribbon and the card base, this was all in the scrap box.  You can barely tell from the picture but the background panel is embossed with shells.  Another challenge is to use up some of the miles of ribbon that I also have.  

So, I've made a list - in no particular order - of the peeps I will be sending a note to.  I hope that they are pleasantly surprised!


  1. That's quite some challenge to take on, a letter or note a day! But I'm sure people will love receiving both the cards and the communication. My favourites are the IO one at the bottom and the white flowers on blue at the top. If you couldn't get the hang of clay flowers then I'm glad i never stretched my budget to fit them in... I had the moulds on a wish list for a while but was never convinced I could do them justice, and then there was the mailing issue....

    1. I think it was my impatience with the clay drying and not being able to get them out of the mould without distorting them. I put the whole mess away for a while and when I went back to try again the clay had mold growing on it. So I gave up.


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