Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jingle Belles - Let the Flakes Fly - Revitalized Vellum Technique

Sheesh, with all the Valentine's and birthday stuff that I've been trying to keep up with I almost forgot my Jingle Belles card for this fortnight.  The theme is to use snowflakes, or snow on your card. Recently, while purging my craft supplies I came across some samples from a techniques class that I had taken many moons ago.  One of those that I pulled from the discard pile was called "Revitalized Vellum".  The sample that we made in the class happened to have snowflakes on it, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to revisit this technique.  

You add ink to the vellum using direct-to-paper method, lightest color to darkest.  Then, while the ink is still wet, you ink up your stamp/s with VersaMark ink and stamp it on the wet vellum.  That will remove most of the color from the vellum where you stamped.  Make sure to stamp off that colored ink you removed from the vellum before inking it up with the VersaMark again or you will have a dirty VersaMark ink pad (ask me how I know!).   Continue stamping until you are satisfied with it, and then either let it dry or use a heat gun to dry it up.  What you just stamped is the BACK of the piece.  On the front you can add some more of your subject (in this case snowflakes) in the ink colors

Hopefully you can see in this close-up that the lightest snowflakes (find the big ones too) are stamped, or should I say unstamped, on the back. 

I found myself going with glitter again - ugh.  But I had to figure out someway to get that panel on the card base and be able to hide the adhesive.  The snowflake sprays in the corners are die cut from white glitter paper.  So this is quite sparkly.  

I'm trying to decide what, if anything I can put between those sprays.  But if I do put something there, I think it will cover up the background too much so you won't see the effect of the technique enough. Thoughts?

I'll be heading over to the Jingle Belles blog to check out all the other snowy wonders.  You can join me by clicking here.


  1. ooooooooooooooh! (OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!) ok, i like this one SO MUCH you're making me want to try A TECHNIQUE!!!!!! which is reallllly saying something, eh?! but seriously... i have vellum and ink and i *think* i still have a versamark pad... hmmmmmmm...

    meanwhile, i don't think it needs ANYTHING between the flourishes, but if you were absolutely dead-set on adding, i'm thinking a shortish diecut sentiment? "let it snow" or just "joy" or maybe wait and see how many cards you need this year as this could work for a winter birthday or thank you note??

    meanwhile, as always, i love to see what you will make, you always get my wheels a-turnin'! so pleased you could join our "FLAKE-Y" fun at JINGLE BELLES! <3

  2. What a super-cool technique ... I adore those blues ... thanks for getting *flake-y* with us at jingle belles.

  3. What a cool technique and one I have never heard of. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a little research and experimenting and use it for a TLC, always looking for ideas for that. This has such a fabulous frosty, icy look with those sharp edges.
    I think it's almost impossible to keep a Versamark pad clean for long, sigh...no matter how hard I try. But I'll remember your tip for this technique - and probably use my less pristine pad too.

  4. Pretty card Lorraine! I use double sided Jac paper to stick vellum to a card, works well! Or I have a vellum spray adhesive that also works well.
    Sunshine, New Zealand


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