Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jingle Belles - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Maybe you can and maybe you can't guess from the title what the Jingle Belles challenge is this time......... you must have a see-through or clear item on your card.  I perused my stash and upon first round came up with nothing so I suggested a trip to Hobby Lobby hoping to find something in acetate that I might be able to use. Uh, no luck.  But I did find the vellum sheet music.  

So I did a second look around at home as to what I could put with it and this gold embossed tissue paper-like sheet caught my eye.  The white is actually very guazy and also see through though you can't tell with it up against the white card base.  

I grabbed a white doily and whilst doing that came across this gold foil tart-size cake board.  The shape was so ornament-like when I got the tart, so I carefully cleaned any evidence of it off and added it to my collection of things to repurpose.  

The jewel-like center that I added was a $ store purchase a few years back.  One would think by looking at it that those are stones, but they are actually concave and highly reflective.  I also added to the decorations with some washi tape and a few white glitter-paper snowflakes that were on my craft table.  Each center got one of those metal reflectors too.  

The final addition was the gold cotton thread bow.  My son gave me a beautiful Christmas card this year with a gorgeous acetate panel covered with glitterly snowflakes.  I am trying to decide whether to take it apart and repurpose it, or try to duplicate it.  I think I will try to duplicate it for my second card later this week. 

It's fairly early in the two-week challenge so the gallery is small at this time, still I will wander over there to check everything out and encourage you to do the same.  Here is the link.  


  1. All of your found elements work so beautifully together ... I really like the tissue paper background with the vellum overlay ... so glad you shared your *CLEAR*ly fabulous creation at Jingle Belles.

  2. ok, see, i love brand-new, store-bought as much as the next gal... but to me, a card like THIS where most of the elements are found, or saved, or re-purposed just totally shows off the creative geniuses in a group. which in this case is *YOU* missus! i love this from it's gold tart holder to it's vellum and tissue to the denty-not-stones trimming (which YES, i thought were stones) to... ok, i love every single, perfect, more than the sum of its parts element! <3 (& yes it's also a FAB addition to our, "midnight... clear" gallery at JINGLE BELLES!) <3


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