Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some September Cards

It's just nice sometimes to send out a card or two for no particular reason.  I should do this more often because these two cards were fun to make and fun to share.
This one went to a blogging friend who has a penchant for mandalas, only hers are usually hand drawn and sooooooooo beautiful.
This back-to-school stamp from Unity was perfect to send to a friend who also works in a school office just to wish her a great school year. 

Wait, this isn't a card!  We were at a garden center recently picking up some landscaping plants and I saw this pig full of succulents but I knew that I didn't really have a place for it this late in the season so I opted for a picture instead.  Pretty cute, eh?

The next two cards are anniversary cards and while the outsides look a little plain...........

The inside contained a pop-up of swans holding a heart that I cut out with my Silhouette (which sadly, has not gotten a lot of use lately).  I wrote my message on the inside. 

The lovely patterned paper I used on these cards came from a recent purchase at AC Moore.


  1. Love the cards Lorraine! My fave is the bird one with "You can't buy happiness" saying - a sentiment I live by!!
    And the pig with the succulents is gorjuss! You didn't buy him?! Have a great week:-)
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. I had already seen and admired the back to school card (sweet image) on Clare's blog - the other one is so fun with that bird and the funny sentiments. I can't believe you didn't buy the pig - I think I'd have been tempted!!
    And how funny that you mention sending cards just because; last night as I was tidying I looked a card front and thought I must stick it onto a base and send it - to you...And today I made a card using the quote from Camus about Autumn being a second spring - and I do believe the very first card I sent you had that quote on it. Feels like a long time ago!


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