Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sharing Their Creativity - Photo Challenge/Cold

I've been on a holiday break since the day before Christmas and you would think that I would have had this done by now, but no.  There was a little bit of procraftination going on here. Seriously, it's not that I didn't do anything, there were just a few other things that took precedence, like catching up with friends, after Christmas shopping, and yes, well, eating and napping.  

So tonight, after I cut out all the parts for my holiday thank you cards, I sat down with my ice cube snowman and my Frozen Falls soft yogurt for one last indulgence before getting back into a regular routine (getting ready to go back to work on Monday!).  Here is my photo for today's prompt - COLD.  Note to self: frozen yogurt does not taste that great after eating pineapple!

Thank goodness for my Silhouette.  I found a suitable Happy New Year card to use for my quick thank you's - some to be mailed, but most to be slipped into staff members' mailboxes on Monday.

And, as I normally do - I wanted to highlight the handmade cards that I received from friends this year.

This first one is from Lauren B. - she is one of the Jingle Belles and her cards are always stunning.

This one arrived from Sunshine in New Zealand - I love her color scheme here and that candle die is sooooooooo pretty.  

My SU upline Debbie sent me this gorgeous card.  The center of that poinsettia is gold glitter paper.  And those sequins just add the right amount of additional sparkle.

Sabrina sent me this stair-step card.  Each one of those blocks is a beauty in itself.

Even the tops of them are decorated!  Sabrina is always trying new card techniques and it sure looks like she mastered this one.

Sabrina is also a very accomplished knitter.  She knitted this beautiful "French Hen" for me.  I love, love, love her!!! (And check out that handmade tag too!)

These ladies have blessed me with their talent time and time again and I am so very grateful.  Thank you all!

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  1. Beautiful cards you received.
    Thought I might start the photo challenge and see if I can get through the month.....LOL


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