Sunday, January 31, 2016

Photo Finish

HWNSNBP asked me what I was doing as he watched me trying to take a selfie.  I really don't like pictures of myself but the final prompt for this month is SELF.  It has been a fun month of prompts in Clare's Photo Challenge and a good way to start off the year creatively.  

Wrapping up with a couple of other projects that I finished this past week......

This sliver of wood was part of a shim that the construction works discarded when they were building our garage this fall.  I picked it up on a whim thinking a lighthouse would look good on it, but it took me a while to actually sit down and do it.  I sketched the Barnegat Lighthouse in pencil and then used watercolors to paint it.  Not sure that was the best medium to use, but it was just a whim.  I think I'll tack it up in the garage somewhere.

And attempting to straighten up my work table I came across some pieces of projects that never came to pass.  This label swing card needed some work.  I had the white label ready and found some flowers that had been stamped in the matching color.  Then I took a new embossing folder and embossed the leaves on the right panel.  I used a stamp from Summer Silhouettes to add the leaves on the left panel.  

The variegated effect was quite accidental.  The stamp didn't quite make a full impression so I took a marker of the same color to fill in the leaves that needed it.  It was the spray just above my finger in the photo above that needed it.  But I liked the way that the leaves took on different intensities with the addition of the color, so I colored over some of the other leaves randomly on the panel.  How do you think it came out?  

I need a couple of birthday cards for the beginning of February so I've got a bit of a start with this one.  I've also got a bigger project going for my daughter-in-law's baby shower which I'll share later on.  And then there's Valentine's Day too.  February looks to be a busy month!

Thanks to Clare for her wonderful January photo prompts and the jump-start to 2016!


  1. The variegated leaves were a wonderful accident. Love how they look. The light house on that discarded piece of wood is great! I also dislike pictures of myself . . . which is why I deliberately put them in this photo challenge. I guess we need to just get over that maybe. :) Wonderful selfie! Have a great week and thanks for playing along with my photo challenge!

  2. Love the different hues in the blues.
    And the lighthouse looks super painted on the wood; whether or not watercolour was the ideal medium, it looks great and I'm sure the wood must have absorbed a little, just like paper does.

  3. O those Beautiful blues on your card.
    I also ove the lighthouse on wood.

  4. I did one of those yesterday and after thinking it was too complicated, I did it and realized how simple - but amazing - it is to do.


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