Friday, January 22, 2016

Photo Challenge/Snack + Getting Ready for a Blizzard

Driving to work this morning the roads were already patterned with the brine solution they lay down before a snow or ice event and we are certainly expecting a snow event.  A blizzard warning has been issued for the state of New Jersey and lucky us, we lie in the band with the highest accumulation projection.  They're saying 20" or more.  Those forecasted amounts are bound to change hour-by-hour through the night and all day tomorrow.  As I'm typing there's a good inch out there already.  

Brined Road
Friday's at work are also called "Fat Friday".  Two or three staff members sign up for 2 Fridays each year to bring in breakfast/brunch to share with all the others who have signed up.  Technically, if you're not signed up, you do not partake, but since the food is left in the faculty room, it is an honor system, and I really don't think anyone minds that much if a non-participant grabs a cookie or bite of something.  

Bagels are a favorite choice.  These are fresh bagels, not the frozen kind.  Today I opted for a sesame with cream cheese.  I passed on the breakfast egg casserole and the chips and salsa, and some of the other sweets.  Instead I added fruit, an oatmeal cookie and a half of a brownie.  (I know...... I should have left out the cookie and brownie, but they were calling my name!)  Just so you know, for lunch I had my regular breakfast which is a large portion of raspberries and blackberries and a cheese stick, so I didn't feel guilty about my choices this morning.

Fat Friday Breakfast/Snack
And I thought, when I got home from work, that I should take note of what's blooming in the house right now as we await being snowed-in this weekend.

Miniature African Violet



Begonias and Geranium




The only thing with fragrance is the paperwhites and they are lingering longer than they usually do.  I kind of get tired of the poinsettias by now, but I can't bring myself to tossing them out when they still are blooming.  My yellow Christmas cactus had one bud on it but for whatever reason, it dried up before it flowered which was a little disappointing.  And two of my other orchids have buds on them and will bloom shortly.  

I have all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies ready for baking tomorrow even though it's not an official school snow day being a Saturday.  I have some new flavored chips that I am going to give a go with and after I try a cookie from each batch, I will pack up the rest to take to school for the staff on Monday. (Secretly, I'm hoping for at least a delayed opening on Monday, if not a snow day, but that would mean a heck of a lot of snow had fallen!)

And I definitely want to fit some creativity in this weekend other than baking.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I have been thinking about you since I watched the news this morning. Your flowers are beautiful - especially with a blizzard on the way. You are probably hunkered down ready to deal with what mother nature brings you . . . I personally hope you get a day off work - just because I love those days growing up . . . nothing better than a snow day (and you have to bake cookies when there is a blizzard!) I will keep an eye on the news! Enjoy your weekend! Good choice of snacks!

  2. Thanks for posting pix of your lovely flowers....I only have violets and ONE ice cube orchid, which I received as a gift and had no hope that it would do anything after its original blooms dropped. But surprise! It is blooming quite nicely right now and feels right at home with my violets! We have about 15" of snow right now and it is still coming down like crazy! I have so many things I want to do I don't know what to do first! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh -I hope you get your snow-day on Monday, an extra long weekend would be a treat! Love the flower photos, I can imagine the smell of the paperwhites. The miniature violet is just dinky - and my mind is trying to wrap itself around the concept of anybody growing oxalis, I consider it a weed!! I don't see anything wrong with sweet treats when they're balanced out; on occasion I will have cake or cookies for breakfast and cereal for lunch.


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