Monday, January 11, 2016

Photo Challenge/Rust and Guilty Pleasure

These old horseshoes seem to be turning up in our yard the last couple of years.  The real RUST-encrusted one we're pretty sure was a misplaced shoe from an old horseshoe game of ours found near the pit.  The other one, though not as rusty, was found in the front yard, near the road not too long ago, but there haven't been any horses in the area in a long time so we think it was unearthed by Mother Nature from some long ago era.  Both of them are propped up (with the opening facing upward so the good luck doesn't fall out) alongside a tree just outside our backdoor now.

And today's prompt of GUILTY PLEASURE was an easy one.  I love, love, love these butterscotch caramels and HWNSNBP not only gave me two bags of butterscotch, he got me two bags of Celtic sea salt caramels too.  He said he went to the candy store with the intention of only getting the sea salt ones because the last time he was there they told him that they would not be ordering the butterscotch anymore.  But lo and behold they seemed to be waiting for him to come in, and they remembered who he was and were a little taken aback when he came to the register with only the sea salt packages.  They told him that they had ordered them especially for him (me) and he had to explain that he didn't know that they were there.  So of course he bought some and I am happy that they had them and that he did!  These should last until my birthday.


  1. Those sound delicious!!!!!!

  2. Mmm, the caramels do look delicious - and what a lovely plate.
    That rusty horseshoe, I've never seen anything like it! It almost looks some mould or fungus!

  3. Awesome shots for the prompt!


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