Thursday, January 7, 2016

Photo Challenge/Broken and Upside-Down

Or is it Upside-Down and Broken.  I'm combining the last two days, which may be a little cheating, so forgive me.  It's been a busy week getting back to work and we had two deaths in the family on New Year's Eve with services this week, so I've been trying to fit a lot in.  

That includes putting Christmas away.  And yesterday, rather than sit down on the recliner and take a nap when I got home from school, I figured I'd better start boxing up all the decorations I had collected from throughout the house that were now sitting on the dining room table.  I usually can count on something getting BROKEN during the holidays but this one is a mystery.  Notice anything different about these two angels?

It might be a little more obvious when I turn them UPSIDE-DOWN.  

I do not know what happened to her wings.  I do know that when I put them on the windowsill they both had wings.  I could have sworn that when I put them on the dining room table they both had wings.  They were on the corner of the table and could have possibly been knocked off, but I could find no evidence of the wings anywhere.  It's a conundrum.  If only Kirby could talk, I know he knows what happened.

And geez, why is it that even angels look bigger from behind?


  1. I am sorry to hear about the deaths in your family. Good combination of broken and upside down. Missing wings - that is a mystery.
    And thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oops, hope the wings would show up someday!
    I have a similar thing, I brought my book and put it in the pocket of the backseat of my car when I do the road trip, when we bring the car back to car rental, the book was no where to be found, I didn't take it out while I was on the road, and I check every bags I brought along for the trip and could not find that book, DH insisted of getting me another copy but I told him, just let the book have a little get away, maybe it will show up when it is time for "it" to come home! : )

  3. Please accept my sincere sympathies re: the deaths in your family. I am so sorry for your loss.
    And I love your entry for the photo challenge broken/upside down. Perfect. (Don't you just hate when something from Christmas decor gets broken every year when you go to put them away???

  4. My sympathy too on the deaths in the family. What lovely angels - they remind me of the exhibit of big painted ones in the courtyard in Dublin Castle some years ago. The painting on the backs of them is lovely. The mystery of the missing wings is strange - they look too big to just vanish.


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