Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Photo Challenge/Black and White

I think you can interpret this prompt two ways - take a picture of something that is black and white or take a black and white picture.

So I took a picture of part of this month's tangles in my calendar book which I do in black marker on white paper.  These are Contacted, Marnie, and Hua left to right.  

This is the same picture but edited with the Noir filter which I think makes the black and white a little sharper.   

And then there's this - remnants of this afternoon's brief snow shower on my black coat again with the Noir filter which made my black coat appear more truer to it's actual color than the color picture did believe it or not.  

This was a good lesson.  I should try more of those filters in the future. 


  1. nice post . . . I pulled my zentangle book out the other night, but haven't taken pen to paper yet. Sometimes I miss the snow.

  2. I don't envy you the snow - but it does make for a great photo!

  3. ooooooooooooooh! your tangles are SO COOL!!! like seriously WOW!!! (& yeah, that noir filter is fab, i also like the "inkwell" one in instagram; you can tweak the contrast levels in PSE, as well to get a similar effect!)


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