Sunday, January 17, 2016

Photo Challenge Catch-Up/Out and About, On the Screen, and Unusual

 ..... and you might consider all of them to be a little bit of a stretch.

Starting with OUT and ABOUT.  This was Friday's prompt, but other than work that day, there was no other out and about for me.  So I waited until Saturday when I knew we would be out and about. Trying to fit a lot into one day which included grocery shopping and delivery of food to my mother-in-law, traveling to the condo, dropping off our belongings, up to our son's to help with a house project, and then back to the condo for the evening.  Lunch consisted of a sandwich picked up at Wegman's while we were doing the shopping.  Beef on Kimmelwick.  Forgot the napkins and a drink, but managed to go without both for a bit until we could make a pit stop.  I'm sure that the scenery would have been a much more interesting picture had it not been such a dismal day.

And this is a stretch for ON the SCREEN as I'm not 100% sure that this would be considered a screen, but on the way back to the condo we had to stop at a $Tree for something and this marquee screen captured my attention.  Just what a Cuiken Burger is I have no idea!  This was outside a Burger King restaurant and I'm fairly certain this is for their new chicken burger, but, yeah, no, this did not make sense even if they were trying to make the U an H, chicken would still be spelled wrong.

This morning we went over to LBI and the inlet in the hopes of maybe seeing some harlequin ducks, but there were no ducks in the inlet and it was bitterly cold. So we hopped into the truck and took the road along the water towards Viking Village hoping to maybe catch some kind of waterfowl.  There were some ducks pretty close to the road so HWNSNBP stopped the truck and I stepped out to take some pictures.  Does this look like an UNUSUAL duck to you? 

If you look close enough, and looking at the resized picture below I'm sure you can see that there's actually more than one duck there.  There are three.  They were peacefully swimming near the edge of the water and started pedalling away quickly as I approached.  But when I snapped the picture, the noise of the camera sent them airborne.  (And, thankfully, I had the presence of mind to click again to catch them mid-air and not blurry.)

They must still be jumpy from duck hunting season. 


  1. Sounds like a busy day. How fun to capture that photo of the ducks. Maybe they only had so many letters to use with the sign? . . . or someone just doesn't know how to spell. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  2. Tasty looking sandwiches! Any time I start looking for some here if I'm in town and starting to get hungry, trying to find something that both looks tasty and is what I consider affordable is almost impossible. How funny that you mention harlequin ducks, I was just looking at them in my bird book this evening. Great shot of the bird taking off - that's always hard to capture with shutter lag making the outcome less than certain.


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