Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year - 2016 - Resolution

So this is what most of last week looked like here.  Overcast and rainy although unseasonably warm.  What a way for December to go out!

Then we had our annual New Year's Eve get-together with our Table 7 group and we all raised our left foot at midnight to start 2016 ON THE RIGHT FOOT!

Having cleaned up from the night before and both of us taking very needed mid-morning naps, we decided to move up one of our weekend errands and make a quick visit to IKEA to pick up another RASKOG cart for my art supplies (which wound up being two more so I could put one in the stamp cave also).  

As we were leaving IKEA the sun was starting to set over the NJ Turnpike.

Luckily, we jump onto Rt. 78 which is a westerly route and wound up chasing the sunset home.

At 80-85 mph (sounds like he's heavy-footed, but we were only keeping up with the flow).

And when we got off at our exit, I knew we'd be passing the horse farm and HWNSNBP willingly stopped the car on the side of the road so I could get some 0 mph pictures.

So with the new year usually come resolutions........I have the standard, lose weight, be more positive, be more creative goals in mind, and I'll be adding taking more people pictures which will be a lot more fun come April when we will add a little family member - our first grandchild.  

And I'm going to try to join my blogging friend Clare in her January Photo Challenge.  She has a list of prompts that look pretty appealing and I encourage all you closet photographers out there to give it a try also, especially those of you who want to try something new and creative this year.  Almost everyone I know has a cell phone with a camera these days so you're seldom caught without a way to capture a moment.  Well, why not add these prompts to your calendar (also on your phone) and give it a try?  Even if you don't do them all you'll have a folder of memories to look back on.


  1. I love the "starting out on the right foot". Beautiful sunset!

  2. Gorgeous photos Lorraine.
    I checked out the January Photo challenge....I might give it a try, even though we are already on the 3rd!!
    Love the "right foot" idea...LOL who doesn't want to start on the right foot????

  3. Overcast, rainy and too warm for winter - you weren't taking a sneak holiday here, were you?
    That top photo is fabulous, like an abstract painting. The foot one is fun.
    I've emailed myself the photo prompts, and I'll try to jump in a few times!


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