Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Leftovers - Jingle Belles Style

The Jingle Belle challenge for the last two weeks has been to use your scraps or leftovers.  Well, heaven knows I have plenty of those!  My only problem was finding the opportunity to get up into the stamp cave and get cooking.  So last night, I vowed to get in there and not come out until I had done something productive.  

I was tempted to straighten up first, but that would be like having dessert before dinner right?  So I grabbed my scrap tray and scooped out some possibilities.  Their were no set recipes to follow, just a bit of a hash and here are the results. 

This started with the card background having already been stamped with the snowflakes and embossed.  It was originally discarded because I had taken some glitter paint and added some dots here and there and subsequently decided I didn't like them.  Then I found that little owl already colored, his hat matching the color of the background.  Yea, he would look good floating around with those snowflakes.  There was a pile of the glitter stars on my work table from a previous project that I have been using, and I decided to use them to add to the sparkles in the background.  I took another scrap of glitter paper and die cut the sentiment.

In the tray I found both the wreath and the cardinal on the card below only needed to be cut out.  So I did and then grabbed a neutral card base.  That looked a little too plain for me so I fished around in my washy tapes and found this one with the gold hearts on it to go with the gold berries on the wreath.  It begged for something in the opposite corner so I used some scrap gold foil paper to die cut Merry Christmas.  Pretty pleased with this one too!

This last one was kind of fun using scraps of recycled things.  The tree was originally on a gift bag, the snowpeople were cut from some wrapping paper, the silver glitter jingle bell garland was just sitting in the tray, waiting to be used, and the pompom garland actually came to me on a package from my closest Jingle Belle friend last year.  I'm loving how these colors came together.

And you know what?  They really didn't take that long to put together.  I bet I could probably get a lot more cards out of that scrap tray.  (And I just might have too!)

Won't you join me and click here to see what other concoctions the Jingle Belles have cooked up!


  1. holy moly there is no stopping you when it comes to fabulous use of leftovers... 3 GORGEOUS cards & each a total triumph of serendipity!!! yowza! such perfect additions to our buffet of "holiday leftovers" at JINGLE BELLES! :)

  2. What a gorgeous collection of cards ... I really love that beautiful teal with the snowflakes ... so very glad you joined us with your holiday leftovers at Jingle Belles.

  3. I love, love, love that snowman and tree card!!!!!! So cute!!!!! :)

  4. Oh, you can't tidy before a challenge to use scraps! The whole point is to have less to tidy up :D. The washi tape looks great on the cardinal card and really dresses up the base without distracting at all from the wreath and bird - but my favourite is the owl one. The colours are so beautiful.


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