Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekends and Workday Mess (Our Beautiful World)

Last Saturday HWNSNBP and I did some morning fishing off the dock across the street.  With virtually no wind, the water was mirror-like and the reflections of the clouds were awesome.  And then the sun made an appearance.  

The fish were biting but so were the midges and really put a damper on the occasion.  So we called it quits with three keepers below.

But don't let me forget to show you the "new" fish that HWNSNBP caught.  He pulled this beauty in and no one on the dock knew what it was.  In fact, the local bait and tackle shop couldn't even identify it.  It wasn't until he posted the picture on Facebook that we found out it's a young cobia.  Pretty fish.  It was released back to become a full size cobia some day.  Cobias, we learned, swim with remora sharks and are not really found this far north.  So you might say he has a lifer to add to his list of fish.  

Last night we literally almost ran over to the dock as soon as we got here to get some fishing in before the sun went down and boy, were we glad we did.  These cocktail blues put up quite a fight but these are the one's that didn't get away.  The largest being 13".  HWNSNBP cleaned them and all but two will be frozen and later taken to a friend who will smoke them for us.  

In between weekends - back at the ranch (well it's not really a ranch, it's a two story) - this is my mess of a workspace sad to say that I took a picture of for Our Beautiful World's theme this week of mess. I think I've got this one nailed, don't you.  I did tidy up a bit, after taking the picture, but there's not a very big improvement.  But this is how I work.  It's my space and no one see's it but me.  

On the other hand - here is my desk at work.  Another mess!  That's what happens the first couple of weeks of school when all the forms are turned in and all the new student folders (and we had a lot of them this summer) are awaiting records from other schools.  The pink and green folders you see are the homeroom folders that are sent up daily with notes and lunch payments.  I empty them and put them back in the teacher's mailboxes and they're back on my desk the next morning.  The side you don't see is a little less messy with my computer and what not.  And yes, there's even stuff underneath but not nearly as much as there used to be.  Thank goodness for the counter in front of me!

I'll save my last summer Saturday sunset for another post soon.


  1. art desk is in a similar state...if it was tidy it would be because I have not done anything "creative"!! And it very rarely looks tidy:-) And I know where everything is in spite of the 'mess'!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. Oh my gosh Lorraine, your desk/s look like my desks... so can totally relate!!!
    Thanks for joining in OBw!

  3. It looks like a very successful fishing weekend! The cobia looks very interesting with those big fins - if that's the right word? Made me think of ray.
    And that first cloud reflection photo before the sun - that could be a painting. It's beautiful.

  4. Thanks for coming by for a visit this weekend and for the lovely comment.

    Oh, I do wish I could go fishing with you, love to stand on the dock or pier and fish. Being in a boat is fun too. DH does do some deep sea fishing for tuna. We like to put it on the grill and smoke it.mmmmmmmmmmyummy!

    Don't think I have ever seen a Cobias fish before, rather pretty.

    Love the photo of your desk. I have been trying to keep mine cleaned off, only to find I am just piling it to the left and to the right...a lot of good THAT does.....LOL


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