Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Views & More

Dunkin' ducks.

Clear blue sky.

Solitary seagull.

Shadow shot.

Swan and friend.

Something red.

Something read.

Something red and dangerous.

Backyard bird party.

Fighting for the suet.

Cute cakepops.

Co-worker's scrumble crochet purse.

And the back.

Another co-worker's crocheted wire necklace.

The birds above landed in the yard and there were hundreds of them.  The light off the camera lens really spooked them, making shots difficult.  There were as many as seven on the suet feeder at one time.

The crocheted purse was interesting and beautiful.  The teacher told me that she met with a group of crocheters each of them bringing crocheted motifs to share with each other.  Then they attached them together and to a felt piece.  Lining was added to the inside and a braided strap to the outside.  I think it's positively beautiful and told her so.  

The wire necklace was done by another co-worker.  Another talented lady!  


  1. I like this post - what is the "something red and dangerous"?

  2. Fun captions, fabulous shots. I think the swan and friend is my favourite, but I love the lighthouse one too. I'm envying your blue sky - our weather these days is varying shades of grey, with or without rain. I'll admit it was nice enough driving up to the North on Friday afternoon, but that's the best it's been.
    The crochet purse does look like a fun idea!

  3. GRACKLES!!! They are the birds of dah hood and used to conquer the bird feeders up north.

    It looks cold. Go inside and stand over a heat vent. brrr


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