Friday, February 10, 2012

This Little Piggy

Quietly she said "It's my Blogoversary."

"What should I do?" she thought.

She pondered further "Should I celebrate, and if so, how?"

"It would be nice to do something different." she mused.

She wished she could do something creative and fun with her followers.  So this is what she came up with........This Little Piggy

This little 6" papier mache piggy has five siblings.  Each of them also has a recipe box that they've been living in in the craft room.  They were purchased some time ago on clearance and were supposed to be used to celebrate National Pig Day.  Time to get them out of the craft room and out in the world.  So this is what she I propose:  

This piggy will stay with me and I will decorate it, and perhaps even the box.  I would like to send a pig in a box to the first five people that are interested in doing the same.   You would get the pig in time to celebrate National Pig Day on March 1st and have the entire month of March to use your creative skills to give the pig a makeover of your own.    

When you are done, all I ask in return is a photo of your finished pig so I can share what you've done in my "Pigs on Parade" post.  You can use any form of decoration - decoupage, stamping, buttons, jewels, lace, paint, or anything your heart desires.  Wings are not included on the pigs and are optional, but would make them even more special to me.  You can decorate the box or leave it as it is.  If you want to document your creative process on a blog or in a photostream that would be great.  

So, what do you think?  Anyone out there want to do the pig in a box challenge?  I'll be taking requests until February 17th or until they are all spoken for.  

I think it will be fun to see these "Pigs on Parade" on March 31st.

Edited 2/12 - I am jumping with joy that all my piggies have been spoken for.  Thank you!  They will be on their way asap.  

Edited 2/18 - I found two more pigs if anyone is interested.  No more boxes though - sorry.  Send me an e-mail or leave me a comment if you would like one.


  1. I'm reluctant to ask you to post internationally, so give priority to State-side postage please, but count me as interested! I know I shared the decorated angels on my blog a couple of years back, and we've had cows here too - but these little piggies are a manageable size and it's something I'd love to try.
    Happy blog birthday. I love seeing your creativity and the window on your part of the world.

  2. How fun!!! If there are any left I would love one...if not I will try to find one local and join in!

  3. Hi Lorraine, if you would be willing to post a piggy to me in NZ, I will take up your challenge. If it's too expensive I understand:-) No hard feelings!
    Sunshine NZ

  4. Hi Lorraine - I don't have your artistic talent, but would love to have a pig to decorate if you have any more left. I don't have a blog but will gladly send photos of the decorated pig back to you. my email address is dblack at usermail dot com. I live in NJ too.

  5. I would love to decorate a pig. National Pig Day must be celebrated.

  6. Oh I wish I had seen this. :( What a fantastic idea. This is so awesome. Would you care if I cased this idea on my blog? I would have to find the pigs though. I LOVE this. I still have everything you sent to me. It is so special to me. I even kept the jar you sent it in. You are wonderful to do this.


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