Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jingle Belles - JB12:04b All Buttoned Up

I had this idea to use some of these buttons for a wreath as I've been seeing a lot of bracelets like this on Pinterest.   This is one of those cards where I have to tell you that IRL it looks much nicer!  

Whew - got two cards done for this Jingle Belle challenge and just in the nick of time!  Gotta run to a meeting, but here's the link to see the rest of the lovelies for these last two weeks.  


  1. Your wreath is adorable Lorraine!!! I clicked on your card to see it close up since I love that wood background - gorgeous! Did you use a technique to make that? I also love the banner that your greeting is in! Also curious if that is a stamp or something you cut/made???? ps love the idea of straws as the base for the beads - swizzle straws and larger ones. I have seen larger ones used for fabric beads...that might be my next direction :) Would love to read your children's book once it's finished!!!!! :)

  2. That button wreath is just too fun ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. now *THAT* is not just a totally CLEVER idea, but it's beautiful as well! i love that the wreath--which would look cool enough on its own-- is hanging on a window with the wooden frame and the other fab details... BRILLIANT!!! <3

  4. Love the wreath hanging on the window...such a classy look! :)


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