Friday, May 6, 2011

Trees and Birds

We have a beautiful pink dogwood tree in front of the school I work in and it is visible in the windows in our office.  There are several bird feeders in the tree which have attracted a number of different birds. 

HWNSNBP and I obtained permission to put a bluebird nesting box in the grassy area in front of the school which is also visible from the office window.  This box had some bluebirds interested, but a wasp started building a nest inside and discouraged them from taking residence in the box.  After I removed the wasp nest a pair of Tree Swallows showed up and seem to be slowly building a nest. 

I found this stamp recently that I thought would be perfect for a thank you for someone at work.  I colored the tree blossoms pink like our tree and then colored the birds like some of those that have been seen in and around that tree.   

This evening we spent a little time up in the garden pulling weeds and moving around some volunteer perennials.  When I looked up there was a beautiful sunset through the redbud on the property line and I had my cameras on hand hoping to get some pics of the bluebirds.  Believe me when I say that the sunset was stunning. This picture doesn't come close to doing it justice. 

I'm hoping that the rain will hold off this weekend and we can get a lot more done outside, but if it does rain, there's plenty to catch up on the inside. 


  1. That's a lovely view to have from the office! I can never decide if I like the pink or cream cornus better - they'e both a lovely decorative tree.
    Tree swallows were new to me - I had to go and look them up - quite different to our swallows - so they're not bluebirds but they're certainly a better tenant for the box than wasps.
    And of course I love that card with all the different birds - the only one I'm not sure of is the brown one on the bottom right branch.

  2. Wow what a beautiful picture of your new birds.. They look like they are happy to have a new nesting home. Your yard looks so pretty. I love the card you made and your coworker will appreciate that. Great pictures.


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