Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 144

Well, I got my PC fixed - sort of.  I am missing some files, among them my Favorites and all of my pictures from, well, all of them practically, from my old software that I still use with my old camera.  But, that is what the CDs and the blog are for - so I don't have to have them duplicated in scatey-eight different places.  I've been meaning to go through my favorites and get rid of the dead links, and now I won't have to do that!

So I knew from my Cheater's e-mail that this teapot was a house, but I couldn't print it out and you know how things morph in your mind when you climb the stairs to the Stamp Castle - uh, well that's what I'm using as my excuse.  You'll see what I mean in a minute.

This is our teapot inspiration this week.  Lovely teapot!  I'm trying to figure out if that entire roof comes off to fill it or if there's something on the other side of the roof we don't see - or maybe it's just the chimney?  But it's cute and sweet and the story was cuter and sweeter and we were supposed to make a card with a house/building and flowers.  At least that's what I thought I read before I climbed the stairs.  You know it's getting hot up there in the Stamp Castle on these warm spring days! 

The heat must be getting to me for my card does not resemble the teapot at all, though it is a house of sorts, and it does have flowers!

I used a Great Impressions stamp that I picked up along the way, and the sentiment stamp comes from the set Garden From The Heart.  The So Saffron card base is embossed and I added the punched flowers in Regal Rose along the two edges.  The image is watercolored and now that I have the picture of the teapot and the card together, I regret not coloring the gardening shed more like the house!   I still am pretty satisfied with it.

I will be perusing the gallery later this evening - click here to join me.


  1. Hope your computer is feeling better!!!! LOVE these feel good flowers! That little bluebird is perfect too! :) Your cards put a smile on my face often - they are like Spring on a page :) Thanks for sharing Lorraine!!!!

  2. I love your teapot cards!

  3. Glad your computer is pretty much better. I'll say one thing, whatever the mismatch between your memory and the sneak peak (been there, done that too often!), you got tiles on your shed, and there are a bunch of thatched cottages out there this week :D.
    I don't know what browser you use - if it's Firefox, there's a little utility called MozBackup which is very fast to run with Firefox (takes a LOT longer with Thunderbird), and it backs up things like saved passwords, favourites and whatever else. Stable door - but it's a handy little program.
    Enjoy your weekend - I hope there's a treat in store for you on Sunday.


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