Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother Nature's Collages

Autumn Olive blossoms on the mulch.

Pathway slate with dogwood, redbud, and maple noses after the rain.


  1. These are so pretty! At first glance I thought yo had been making some handmade paper!
    Amazing what gorjuss things nature shows us...if only we take the time to look.
    Glad you did!
    Sunshine NZ

  2. I like the colours in the mulch photo, but the second one is my favourite - the red bud almost looks like a little tiny plant, and you can even see some moss too. I could look a long time at that, there's a sort of Japanese zen thing going on. The high winds here have brought down so many maple keys, the ground is littered with them.

  3. Maple NOSES!! I LOVE THIS! I do not remember a year where I have had so many of these little suckers all over the place. And they're brown, not green. We call them whirligigs, but as I do remember putting them on my nose, I think maple noses is more apropos!!!


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