Thursday, May 19, 2011

Box of Blues

Judging by the size of these little guys this will probably be their last photo before fledging. They look a tad bit cramped in there and I'm sure that they've been jumping around getting ready to fly the coop. 

It's been raining here off and on since Sunday.  The grass is out of control.  There was a brief window of opportunity for those that get home earlier from work to get out and get those mowers going, but the sun and dryness didn't last long enough for us.  When HWNSNBP got home the sky was already threatening and we just about made it up to the garden to get this picture before the skies opened up again. 

This damp weather has brought a little nuisance about in my kitchen.  Ants!  The tiny ones.  I am so afraid to spray anything because of Kirby our cockatiel.  Birds are very sensitive to pesticides so we really have to be careful.  I have tried bay leaves on the counter - didn't work.  We got some of those ant traps - haven't worked.  I laid down a line of salt - hasn't phased them.  This morning I got out the boric acid powder and laid down a line of that - there were less of them around when I got home from work, but I had to clean it up before it did any damage to the woodwork, so we may be visiting HD for some safe spray. 

Any other suggestions for getting rid of ants? 


  1. How exciting to be able to see the blue appearing. I'm so happy for you that this year has been more successful for the little baby birds.
    Ants - I guess we're lucky never to have had them in the kitchen. We once had them in the bathroom, of all places. One day I flushed the toilet and saw loads of ants in the water; they had started nesting in the hollow lid over the cistern. I just used one of those liquid baits on the window sill outside after I'd washed the lid out, and that certainly seemed to stop any more from coming in. I hope you find a successful solution - I wouldn't like them in my kitchen at all!

  2. Thank you for the pics of the little birdies. They're wonderful!!
    As for the ants, you could try diatomaceous earth. It is a product that is safe for people and pets. It is a mechanical insecticide. It is used in many products we come in contact with in our daily lives. I have tried it in my garden since it won't harm my plants.

  3. Oh my gosh.. The fact that you get to see their blue feathers just starting to appear is awesome. I love these pictures. What fun this must be to watch. I have no idea what to do with aunts. Here we have fire ants that sting and it hurts..Great picture.


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