Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bluebird Update

The nest on 5-5.  Three of five eggs had hatched.  The next day all five were hatched.  The parents take the shells away from the nest box to avoid enticing predators.
The rest of the pictures were all taken on 5-11. 

The nest with 5 sleeping chicks.

I was working in the garden and HWNSNBP put some mealworms in the feeder.  It took quite some time for the Royal Mr. to come out of the tree and check it out.  They both were very wary of my presence.

Below you can see him in the feeder grabbing a mouthful of worms to share.

I wish I had better focus on this one.  The Royal pair sitting on the fence, each with a mouthful of worms.  At this point I decided to leave them alone so they could get on with the feeding. 


  1. Only a mother could love those! And a father...
    The middle picture is fantastic - Mr Blue is so clear and sharp, and the blurred trees make a great background with the colour. I like the bright blue egg in the first picture.
    It shows so clearly how they've grown, the way they are filling the nest in the second picture.

  2. These are spectcular! We have bluebirds but I have never seen the babies closeup!


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