Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Cards and Baby Deer

Babies are springing up all over the place at work.  I've been falling way behind on these cards.  Here's a boy card and a girl card.  Admittedly, I don't think I excel at baby cards. 

And here's the fawn and it's mother that have been hanging out on the playground behind the school.  There was a newborn out there last week and this one was there today.  Hard to tell if this one was just born or not and whether it could be the same one from last week.  Thankfully it will be raining for a couple of days and the students will be indoors.  Maybe by the time they are able to cut the grass, these deer will have moved on.  Last year the township mowers with their big machines did not see the baby in the grass and there were disastrous results. 

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  1. Good grief, I hope this little fawn survives! In the park here they tend to let a lot of the grass grow in the fawn season, and then harvest it for hay for winter feeding. What a lovely photo.
    A baby card is on my to-do list today, I just don't know whether to make one of each or go neutral. Your boy one makes me think of a stamp I could use to go neutral.


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