Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Sign?

 I walked out of the doctor's office this afternoon after having a test done and looked down and saw this on the sidewalk.  I thought it was someone's wad of tissues, or perhaps a glove needed in this bitter cold we've had the last couple of days. 

It stopped me in my tracks as I realized that it was not a glove or tissues, but a bird.  As I stood there, not more than four or five feet from it, I retrieved my camera from my purse so I could get some pictures. 

He calmly sat there and I wondered if perhaps he had hit the window on the side of the building and was stunned from it as sometimes happens in our backyard at this time of the year.  Or maybe he was after the red berries on the ground cover. 

Even as I bent down to get a closer look, he just sat there.  I was so tempted to try to pick him up - he reminded me of Pidge my cockatiel that I lost a couple years ago.

And then he stood up and started walking around. 

 And eventually walked towards me passing not more than a foot from my shoes and kept going. 

I noticed at that point a car pull away that had been parked nearby and chuckled to myself as to what the driver must have been thinking about the nutty lady on the sidewalk doing deep knee bends with a camera. 

Then as I drove away I thought that maybe this was a sign of some kind.  Do you believe in signs? 


  1. I absolutely believe in signs! Someone is trying to tell you something!

  2. I do believe in signs. What a beautiful blessing and reminder that God loves you. I am praying for you.

  3. I absolutely do believe in signs.. I think they are God's way of telling us that he is near.. You would have your camera with you..hehe. Great photos as always. I too am praying for you.. Huge hugs.


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