Friday, December 17, 2010

A Rarity for 10¢

Last year after Christmas HWNSNBP happened to be at Home Depot, or maybe it was Lowe's, I don't remember, anyway he was there to pick something up for undoubtedly some kind of project or repair he had planned for that magical time between Christmas and New Year's and whilst browsing around, looking for that necessary item he went there for, came across a bunch of plants on clearance...... for 10¢ each.  He couldn't resist bringing home some healthy looking, albeit already blossomed Christmas cactuses. 

Christmas cactuses we have found, do not really need much attention and with a little water now and then, and just the right amount of sun, will usually flower once or possibly twice a year.  Although I still do not know how exactly the plant growers get them to flower at the perfect time just before Christmas, ours usually flower just right after Thanksgiving and then maybe just right before Easter.  But we get to enjoy the flowers even though any holiday guests we have might miss it.

One of those 10¢ cacti has turned out to be, it would seem, a rarity in that it is yellow.  I can honestly say that I do not remember ever seeing a yellow Christmas cactus, but now I have one.

There is but one blossom presently, but there are more buds that I'm hoping will hang on and surprise us again next week.


  1. I'd have thought finding anything for 10c these days was pretty much a rarity, never mind it also being a yellow Christmas Cactus. I've seen all shades of pink through red before, but certainly never a yellow. Mine never flowered at Christmas either :D
    Hope you have a good weekend over there.

  2. Lorraine, what a beautiful blossom. I agree with Sabrina it is amazing that he got this plant for 10 cents. Such a pretty color of yellow too.

  3. This is so neat.. I have wanted one of these. My aunt has one that has been in our family for 2 generations. It was my great aunt's. It is a pretty bright pink and blooms a Christmas.. Love the yellow.


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