Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

The cactus Christmas tree from my desk at work.  This is the cactus that I have been plant-sitting during the past several summers while the teachers are not at school.  It now has become a permanent fixture on my desk just below the counter.  I decided to decorate it for Christmas this year.  I strung some jingle bells on white cord and wrapped that around it.  Then I got some pompoms and taped them to the cactus.  Lastly, I created an origami star for the top which was placed there using a coiled pipe cleaner. 

One of this year's Christmas cards.  I asked for a bicycle and then rethought that.  It will be better to get the bike in the spring when I can try it out.  I was thrilled when I found this stamp.  It was colored with markers and shimmer paint with a little white gel pen thrown in.

This was one of the treats from a classroom party at school that they shared with us in the office.  The ornament cookie on top has a clear candy center.  The white icing was also sugared.  What a sweet treat!

May the sweetness of the season fill you with joy.   Merry Christmas!


  1. The decorated cactus looks like a lot of fun. Someone shared a little prickly pear ceramic cactus with lights in the current photo challenge on SCS - it would make a great companion to this, although it would be tiny in comparison.
    Every time I look at your card I am amazed at the detail in the colouring - I was going to ask what you had used for all that fine detail.
    Hope you had a lovely day, enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. What a great stamp! Love how you colored it and stamped it on Kraft! now sure if you are getting the snow today ...but probably a good idea to wait until the Spring!

  3. ok, i cannot decide what to love most: AWESOME decorated cactus xmas tree... (♥♥♥ it!) amazingly stamped and colored xmas card... (WOW!!!) ...or delicious cupcake/cookie combination treat. i think it's a three-way tie! :)

  4. Love that festive holiday bicycle ... looking forward to you joining our fun at Jingle Belles.


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