Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mail Lady

Since I've been working at the school I've become friends with our mail lady.  We don't have a mailbox outside the school so she has to come in to pick up and deliver.  This gives her a chance to take a little break and we usually chat for a few minutes.   I usually bring my cards, specifically my Teapot Tuesday cards in and show them to her and my office mate.  They are very supportive of my hobby so I knew I had to whip up a card for her birthday. 

This is one of my Poppy stamps which I watercolored and then surrounded with circle punches using the same colors.  She looks a little washed out to me on the computer, but she's really cute in person.  I really like the way the border came out and I think I'm going to use that on one or two Christmas cards. 

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