Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookie Walk 2010

Last Monday we held our annual Cookie Walk at school.  We only had 7 participants but the cookies were all delicious and we all got a good amount.  Clockwise starting at 12 - Cinnamon Crackles, Chinese Almond Cookies, Chocolate Crackle Tops, Lemon Crisps, Reeses Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Chips, and in the center Espresso Thumbprint Cookies.

To participate you had to sign up to make a batch of 5 dozen or more cookies.  At the end of the school day we all met in the faculty room with our cookies and an empty container.  With gloved hands we circled the table picking up 3-5 cookies from each batch until our containers were full.  The extras were put in a container for our principal to take home to his family.

This year we asked everyone to try a recipe they hadn't used before. I choose to make Espresso Thumbprint Cookies (center above).  HWNSNBP said they were too chocolatey for him, but I liked the coffee flavor mixed with chocolate. 

I always ask for the participants to provide me with a copy of the recipe they used and I put them into a little "booklet" as you see below.  This year I went with a fall theme.

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  1. Along with the chocolate crackle-tops your thumb-prints were the ones that caught my eye as being ones I would like to sample. Those little books must be a treasure-trove of recipes. Lucky principal to get in on the walk by proxy.


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