Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 114

I am so coming in the back door to the tea party this week and I'll tell you why.  Take a look at this teapot....
Cindy's story that goes with this teapot is another winner - you can check that out here.  "If you embarrass us and blow up your computer then you have to come in the back door. And while you are back there, check to see if you tripped on the cord and the back door is unplugged!" - is what Cindy says......

Well, I didn't exactly blow up my computer, in fact, I was trying to get it fixed.  I'm talking about my work computer at school.  I was getting pop-ups and reported it to our tech guy.  He tried fixing it and installed something that caused it all to go "corrupt".  That meant a new hard drive.  Or should I say a rebuilt one.  It took the better part of the day on Friday for him to rebuild an old drive and then come over to our school and try to install it.  He said it would be easy - it was not.  And, although it is "fixed" everything is new again - my favorites are gone, my photo software and Print Shop are not installed, and all my programs are in a newer version which means almost everything that I'm working on needs tweaking.  Well, I suppose it could be worse and all my files could have been lost! 

But anyway, seeing the teapot for this week just reminded me of my computer woes and this is what I came up with..........

There's a little bit of the dreaded blue screen spewing forth the inside out of the computer.  The gears are punched out of some old dsp, and the background is stamped using Trendy Trees.  The sentiment is stamped using Rough Type.   Colors are Sahara Sand, Marina Mist, Pear Pizzazz, Bashful Blue, So Saffron, and I think Certainly Celery.

Come on, let's go see what everyone else came up with in the gallery.

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  1. Your card is great, but computer woes are not fun. As you say, at least you didn't lose all your files so it could have been worse, but it's still a major hassle. And I can imagine with all those budget cuts that a new computer was not an option at all. I am trying now to remember where we were where I saw something that was exactly like the photo you posted ( I can't find it now, but I think you said something like a prison) of a budget meeting. Darn, I wish I could remember where we'd been, it instantly made me think of that photo with the curved, high-up window.


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