Saturday, October 16, 2010

Odds and Ends

We had a downline meeting the last week of September and these are the projects that we worked on.  Click on the picture to see them up close.   The card in the front uses the new letterpress folder.  The Candy Wrapper Die came out real cute when we also embossed it with the Spider Web embossing folder.  See that cute little witch there!  The spooky item is a tube container.  The lace is a handle and there is waffle paper all around the top.  And lastly, a sweet magnetic bookmark.

I've mentioned having some tooth trouble recently - a root canal that had to be redone.  This last month has not been very pleasant dealing with the pain and the effects of the antibiotics.  I originally started going to this particular dental practice because of a sign I saw in their waiting room "We Cater to Cowards"  and for the most part they did.  I've often said I'd rather be giving birth that having my teeth worked on.  Well, my dentist retired and the practice expanded and somehow along the way, I think they forgot how to do that catering.  Would you want to see this when you sit down?  This is from the second visit.  On the first visit there was a lot more on the tray.

And finally for now, the screening project on the back porch at the condo is just about done, but not quite enough to keep this inquisitive butterfly from getting side-tracked from it's migratory path.  HWNSNBP actually spotted this and told me to get my camera.  My pocket camera was what was handy and I had to stand on my toes to reach up high enough to get this picture.  I really like the contrast of the screen in the background with the blue sky.  How about you? 


  1. Love the petterpress! I have not bought any of those yet! and dentist....oh boy don't get me started! Me too...coward am I....

  2. Oh my gosh that tray makes me cringe.. What are they thinking.. I can't believe you got that shot..haha.. Great photos..I love your SU projects.


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