Sunday, October 17, 2010

NJ Lighthouse Challenge 2010

Eleven lighthouses, two museums, and one life-saving station in two days.  Approximately 450 miles in the car and many pictures later with a new camera.  Just the lighthouses today as I'm still figuring this new software out and although HWNSNBP (otherwise now also known as the Clipboard Carrier) did all of the driving (thank you dear) I am beat.

Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse - in Paulsboro on the Delaware - gives aid to the ships coming up the Delaware by marking the channel

Finn's Point Lighthouse - another range light that aids in navigation on the Delaware - from the top you can see the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Delaware

East Point Lighthouse - to me the most picturesque - on the Delaware Bay

Cape May Lighthouse - a very busy state park location with a bird observatory, beaches, and small museum.

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse - another picturesque setting with gardens in front and behind

Absecon Lighthouse - although the tallest lighthouse in the state, it is dwarfed by the highrise hotels and casinos of Atlantic City and sits almost obscured in their shadow. 

Tuckers Island Lighthouse (Recreation) - the original "fell into the sea".  This is created at Tuckerton Seaport

Barnegat Lighthouse - the closest to the water of all the lighthouses we visited.  From the top, looking down you will see the water of the inlet below.   

Sea Girt Lighthouse - contains a maritime museum with a lot of information on the rescue of the survivors of the Morro Castle cruise ship that caught fire off the coast of NJ in 1934

Sandy Hook Lighthouse - the oldest active lighthouse in the United States dates back to colonial times  

Twin Lights of Navesink as seen from across the Shrewsbury River - some say the towers were based on chess pieces


  1. oh my gosh how fun is this.. I LOVE these pictures. Your new camera is sensational. I always stop and think when I see one of these lighthouses how important they were to ships at sea.. Great photos.. Looks like a successful trip.

  2. It looks as if you had lovely weather for your lighthouse trip this year. They are so different, too. I think I like the look of the East Point one the best myself, and then the Cape May one.


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