Saturday, March 27, 2010

White Elephant

Today was the day for the annual rescue squad White Elephant sale.  It was nippy this morning but that didn't deter the crowd from lining up early to get in the doors promptly at 9. 

Once through the door, I bee-lined for the table with dishware looking for bargains.  It was only a matter of minutes before I found my first purchase - a small white basket weave teapot for 50¢, right around the time that my box man (HWNSNBP) showed up with a box.  He had been parking the car.  After I added my find to the box he wandered off and called over to me as he found something he thought I might be interested in.  A lovely white teapot with roses for $4.  I told him to put it in the box. 

Then I found this interesting teapot for $1 that has two different looks depending on the side you're looking at.....

On the other side of the table there was a basket with four cups and saucers and five dessert plates for $3...

As I rounded the corner of that long row of tables, I found myself at a log jam of people.  When I looked down, I saw that I was at the end of the craft table.  Believe me when I say that I had no intention of looking through this stuff because I could have a very profitable white elephant of my own with all the stuff that I've accumulated.  However, this little blue case caught my eye because it had a 25¢ sticker on it.  At quick glance it had someone's sewing scraps inside, but I wasn't really interested in that, just mainly the case.....

Upon closer inspection at home, I found some old zippers which I am going to try to make some jewelry out of, some crewel yarn which I am hoping to find a good home, the strap for the case, an empty wooden spool, some buttons and needles.

There was also a box on that table that had some sewing tools in it for 25¢ each and a bag of buttons that I couldn't resist......

I did pass up a couple of jars and boxes of buttons that years ago would have come home with me, but I need to use what I have instead of just collecting them now.

Down the aisle I went when these little gems caught my eye.  The glass salt cellars were, again, only 25¢ each......

As the box, and basket were filling up fast, I made one more pass by where I had started and found this teapot and cups for $3.....

So, for less than $20 I think it was a pretty good white elephant!


  1. You did well! I liked the rose teapot when I saw it, and then I decided I liked the spa one, but I like the last one best of all - gorgeous colour and shape. I'll be so curious to see what you come up with to make from the zips, but the little storage box would have been worth it just on its own! 25 cents!! The tracing wheels will be useful too. Mine is plastic and not really sharp enough to use well on paper - your finds look much better suited to multi-tasking.
    Love your little basket of pansies, too.

  2. Amanda Casalins3/29/10, 9:38 AM

    You will have to let me know when the next white elephant sale is....I would love to go....

  3. Hi Amanda, if you're from the Somerville area it's usually the end of March. They have a drop off the week before (which we missed because we were away) and the sale is the next week.

    There's also a good twice annual garage sale at the North Branch Reformed Church in October and June.


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