Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday's Throw Aways - Coffee Sleeve

Raise your hand if you like coffee.  I like an occasional cup of coffee though I'm more of a tea drinker.  And it definitely has to be decaf.  My particular favorite is Decaf Hazelnut and I usually get it at Wegman's.  Or, I should say, HWNSNBP usually picks it up for me.  Most of the time he forgoes the cup sleeve - being a man you know he would prefer to tough out holding that hot as hades cup.  But not me.  If I'm not wearing gloves, there has to be a cup sleeve. 

Recycling paper coffee cups is out of the question, but not the cup sleeve.  (At least not when you have a blog feature that needs recycling ideas!)   The cup sleeves are usually pretty sturdy and stuffing it back into your purse would probably suffice, but why not make it your own by decorating it.  I've seen some pretty nice ones recently that were made out of fabric, but not having a working sewing machine at this time and having a seemingly unending supply of lovely paper, I chose to use the nice cardboard sleeve that Wegman's provides. 

I gently pried it apart at the seam and used it as a pattern, cut it out of a piece of DSP and glued the DSP onto the original with glue stick.  The seam was reinforced with red sticky tape.  Then with a coordinating patterned paper, I made a flower and used a brad to adhere it to the sleeve.  I also put a patch that consisted of a circle of cardstock over the brad prongs on the inside of the sleeve so the prongs wouldn't accidently puncture a cup.  Wouldn't that be a mess!

These flowers are pretty cool and pretty simple.  They're made with a 12" x 1" strip of dsp punched with the eyelet punch and then run through a paper crimper several times to make it pliable.  Then you take a circle of cardstock (I used a 1 1/2" circle), cover that with red sticky tape and starting at the outer edge, gently gather the paper while attaching it to the circle. 

So now I can keep it in my purse right along side the folded up shopping bag. 


  1. Mmm, I like my coffee. Not a lot, not more than twice a day. I grew up with the sound of the coffee grinder in the kitchen being the first sound of the morning.
    I rather like the (design, but not the colour) original cup sleeve, but you certainly found the perfect paper to coordinate well with the paper cup, and I love the tweedy look of that flower. Must be the houndstooth check that makes me think tweed.
    If you're not familiar with wild cyclamen, they are usually pretty small compared with indoor ones. Those yesterday were not much bigger than violets, maybe 2 1/2" high.

  2. *sigh* Oh Lorraine. Will I ever want to make another card?????

    Beau sat on my lap while sorting through, and tossing, so much of my scrap crap......I've basically got too much and it's all so overwhelming.....and....dare I say it....I've lost the URGE.

    Has that ever happened to YOU?

  3. Dana, will you ever have the urge? Yes. My birthday is at the end of this month and I'm urging you to make me a card. And Beau can help.

    Seriously, I do go through times when I feel overwhelmed by all the "stuff" I've accumulated or even by all the samples and projects that I view on websites and blogs. It can be quite a distraction. By taking part in the Teapot Tuesday challenge and then adding the Thursday Throw Aways to my blog, I've given myself the need to create, not just the want.


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