Monday, March 22, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 86

Take a look at this splendid teapot.  This is our inspiration for Teapot Tuesday 86.  There's a wonderful story that goes along with it and it can be found on Cindy's glob or at the Teapot Challenge

Christopher Spelling is in a crossword competition and he's stuck.  He's about to win $42,000 but he just can't get that last word. Wouldn't you know the word is TEAPOT!  Crisanne his fiance needs our help to send him some subliminal messages (and maybe some hard hints) to get him to win, win, win. 

So I did some research and yellow is the color that's most likely to help you remember.   So I placed my new yellow teapot on a crossword grid that's hanging out on a checkered yellow background.   Whew!  I hope that helps him remember the word TEAPOT!!!

Let's check out the gallery and see how the other teapotter's are helping.

I used my new Rubbernecker Teatime stamp set that was sent to me by none other than our Teapot Queen herself!!!  Thanks Cindy.

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