Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 83

How does a London Premier sound for a party place this week?  Oh, but how will we get there?  No need to worry, Cindy has procured several Leer jets for us to get there on time.  They even have official Teapot Logos!  I'd love to see that.  I wonder if anyone will have a card like that.

This week's teapot is called the Madhatter teapot and it fits right in with the release of Johnny Depp's new film Alice in Wonderland.  Head on over to Cindy's glob.  She's got a link to the trailer there and you'll have to look at it to understand my card.  And here is the teapot for the week......

These flying pigs were so busy inspiring people on National Pig Day when they heard about the Madhatter Tea Party and that the Red Queen needed pigs. Well, pig bellies! Not wanting to wait for the Lear Jets and risk making the queen cross, they donned their Madhatter Hats and took flight. Let's hope it will be clear sailing to get to the party and the premier. They're dressed in their best and promise not to squeal too loudly when Johnny shows up!

Okay, now fly on over to the teapot gallery!


  1. How fun that you were able to combine National Pig Day with the tea-party. Don't they look smart in their top-hats - I hope they stay on during the flight. Way cuter than the pig in the trailer - but then, I am not a Tim Burton fan.

  2. What a cool...but kind of gross tea pot.Love the pigs
    That movie is kind of scary/creepy looking. Tim Burton makes a kids story book a not see for kids, but I will☺


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