Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teapot Reject?

This was my first endeavor for Teapot Tuesday this week.   I went through all the papers in the recyling pile on Sunday morning and pull out all the crossword puzzles so I could make that fluffy flower.  It's really quite easy.  Punch 20 scallop circles.  Use the crop-a-dile to make a while in the center and insert a brad.  Then you just crumple up the layers towards the center one layer at a time. 

The sentiment slides in and out of the black panel.  So what do you think - reject?


  1. Hee! Hee! Never know what you will be searching for on a Tuesday! Giggle! Did your hubby wonder what you were doing....or was he still trying to get you to straighten out his glasses.....I still giggle at that one!

    Anyway, both your cards rocked.....you are crazy to call this a reject! Thanks for the heads up on yellow.....Finally a cure for CRS, the dreaded disease I have had for, I can't remember how long! Snort!

    PS...cute little sentiment!

  2. I love this -- it's not a reject!!


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