Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's My Birthday and I'll Share If I Want To.....

You would share too, if it happened to you..... 

I don't know where that came from but I've got some sharing to do.  Today is my birthday and I just wanted to show you the wonderful handmade cards and other goodies that I've received from some of my very talented friends.

Carol is my friend from work and she's taken classes with me from my upline.  She always surprises me with her sweet cards.

Marilynn, Dawn, Judi, and Kim are friends from SCS - fellow teapotters.  I don't need to tell you what a talented group of ladies these are.  Every week they amaze me with their teapot cards and more.

Sunshine and I met through our blogs - she lives in New Zealand and takes wonderful pictures as well as making cards.  She made me that cute snowman too.  You know it's going on winter there now.  Hard to grasp.

My SCS friend Sabrina (another wonderful photographer, cardmaker and you'll see soon..... expert needlecrafter) sent me a package from Ireland.  I was so excited when HWNSNBP e-mailed me at work and told me I had a package from Ireland.  Inside was some delicious pig candy (she knows I celebrate Pig Day), a gorgeous card and a mysterious package with the cutest "robin" tag.

Inside the carefully wrapped package was the robin again, but not on paper.  This time he was framed.  She hand-stitched him on fabric.  He took my breath away....

Just look at the detail of the stitching.  Sabrina, you are so very talented!

I know I've highlighted my handmade cards and gifts here, but I am so blessed to have many friends who have wished me a happy birthday in their own special ways.  Thank you to each of you.  It's been a wonderful day. 


  1. Happy Birthday Lorraine. Hope it was a good one.

    Loved all the cards you shared.

  2. I remember that lovely one of Judi's. And Shona's pig is sweet - makes a change from thinking of New Zealand lamb, LOL.
    I have to admit that the tag was recycled from DH's Christmas present, which was a spotting scope. But I know you are good at recycling :D. Hope it was a wonderful day - and those cards will make it special for a good while yet. One year I made a screensaver from all my birthday cards and enjoyed them for months.

  3. OMG!! I'm on your blog! Well, my cards are! What a surprise I just got:-) I thought to myself, gee those cards look familiar..and then I saw my name!
    How nice of you to put them up there! Hope your birthday (29 & holding, like me?!!) was FABULOUS!
    I just got a Spellbinder Wizard & am having heaps of fun with it:-)
    Pulled a lower back muscle a week ago so stamping etc has taken a bit of a back seat until today. The pain was awful & made me soooo grumpy but today it is alot better:-)
    Love your new cards & I love the teapot with the bunny! So cute:-)
    Hugs from me in NZ! We still have some warm weather but go off Daylight Saving tomorrow night:-(
    Sunshine NZ


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