Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Have a Nest

I didn't clean up this picture like I usually do, so it may look a little washed out. It was taken on Sunday. Definitely a bluebird nest.

It's been a little cold here the past couple of days and I haven't seen much activity around the box. That is not to say that there isn't any, because I don't have a round-the-clock camera (maybe next Christmas, hint,hint!).

We have heard the blues in the trees calling back and forth. How do we know it's them? They do have a distinctive call that we've become cognizant of. It also helps that I gave HWNSNBP a mechanical bluebird that has a motion sensor that will play their call.

Yes, I know we're nuts. But it's a good kind of nuts, don't you think?


  1. I saw my first blue bird at the end of fall last year, right after I put my feeder out. They were around for a day or two and then left. I am north of you in Jersey. What do you do to attract them? I don't usually feed the birds in the summer, other than the humming birds, because of the bear.

  2. Hi Dorrie,
    The only thing that we've done to attract them was to put out a bluebird nesting box. We had the box out for many years before we actually saw a pair that was interested in our neighborhood. Once they started building their nest, we then put out meal worms near the box for them. Bluebirds are not seed eaters. They like insects, and will eat seed on ocassion. They winter in the woods in NJ - I have no idea what they find to eat there.

    I think the bears would be attracted to the mealworms, unfortunately.


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