Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nest Update

As you can see, there are now 5 eggs in the nest and the Blues have been taking turns keeping them warm. Arent' they gorgeous?!? HWNSNBP has decided to name them Morticia and Gomez (he's like that sometimes).

I should have captioned the picture on top "It's Hot In Here" - it was taken today here in NJ, when in April it hit the 90's. I know I'm not prepared for this heat and I don't think the Blues are either.

On a side note, I have not seen our little chipmunk in over a week now and I'm worried. HWNSNBP has been telling me about this feral cat that he has seen several mornings sitting against the base of the tree that we keep our bird feeder in. This is where the squirrels, birds, and little chip hang out. I don't dislike cats - we've had two of them in the past - I just don't want one scaring away all the other wildlife (or eating it!).

I'll keep you posted on the nesting.

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