Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teapot Tuesday 21

I love this pumpkin teapot. When we were on vacation this summer I had seen a similar teapot at the Lizzie Rose in Tuckerton and meant to go back and get it before we left. Don't remember now what happened. Maybe they'll have another one next year. Oh well!

Isn't it cute though! If you haven't been following along, Cindy Mothermark posts a weekly challenge on her glob called Teapot Tuesday (that's the challenge name, not the glob name). She has a teapot collection and she posts a picture of one each week along with a card that she was inspired to make. You can see her glob and gorgeous (YOU REALLY HAVE TO GO LOOK AT THIS ONE!) card here.

Cindy invites everyone who visits to her weekly tea party. I have been to most of them and I can tell you that they are a lot of fun. She has her regulars and an occasional surprise guest or two.

I heard a rumor that even though Cindy collects teapots, she actually doesn't like tea! So........ I thought that I should come prepared to this party with my favorite pumpkin spice tea for Thanksgiving in a tea bag holder card. This tea bag holder card (say that three times fast, or better yet try typing it!), holds 2 tea bags.

I'm sorry that I don't remember where I got the pattern, but if you do a search on Splitcoast or maybe even Google "tea bag holder pattern" you might find something suitable.

The pumpkin was stamped using the SU Give Thanks pumpkin stamp and I drew in the handle and spout. I colored it with my Prismacolor pencils and odorless mineral spirits. The leaves were punched with a maple leaf punch and trimmed to look like squash leaves (I hope they do!).
I took a close up of the pumpkin so you could actually see the leaves.

So I tip my cup of pumpkin spice tea to you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! What a great job you did on this card!

    And I love that it is a little tea bag holder. Such fun! Your cards are such a delight and I look forward to seeing them and you every week!

    So glad you showed us a close up, your coloring and leaves rock. I love how you did the spout and handle...very creative.

    Oh yeah, thanks for the links and the kind words too...Don't eat too much turkey and if you do, no big deal! Snort!

    Thanks my friend!

  2. Your teabag holder is beautiful and the pumpkin teapot is super cute. I don't think I've ever had pumpkin spice tea before. Must keep an eye out for that. Sounds delish.


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