Saturday, November 1, 2008

Teapot Tuesday 18

This lovely teapot was a birthday gift for Cindy from her husband. I think he has great taste. You can read more about it on her glob.

Cindy posted a picture of this teapot last week right after her birthday and told us that she would be using it this week for the challenge, so you would think that having that much lead time on the challenge I would have had my card done by then. Not so. Knowing that my initials don't stand for my given name, but rather L - Last M-Minute , you would realize that I was up to wire with my Halloween projects this week. (There just isn't enough time in the day!)

The other thing that threw me off was the pansy. I love the bouquet on the actual teapot, but I do not have anything that remotely resembles a pansy. So I had been milling it around in my head all week.

We ventured out to Costco today and I managed to slip into Michael's to see if I could find something suitable to use. Would you believe that I couldn't find any pansy stamp or even any scrap book paper with a pansy on it! So when I came home I thought I might use tissue paper to achieve that opaque look that the flowers have on the teapot.

I wanted to get the flower placement right on this so I printed out a picture of Cindy's teapot. Having that in my hand, I started playing with it and saw that if I folded the picture in the right place, I could elimate the pansy (or make you think that it's on the back of the card).

I also wanted to use part of the teapot's profile which is why you see the "waves". Turn your head now to the left - do you see it? I hope so.

The black layer is cuttlebug embossed with a leaf pattern to compliment the flowers which were cut from SU's Bella's Blossoms DSP. That was the hardest part of this. I actually felt guilty not having stamped a single thing on this card so I got out my All Holidays set and stamped the "for you" on the lower part. This would have made a nice card for October Breast Cancer awareness month if 1) I had a stamp that said HOPE, and 2) I actually finished it in October.

Still, I'm pretty happy with it and I think I know just who will get this!


  1. It is 2am. I can't sleep even though I"m sleepy. I bought the round nestabilities today and punched out ONE. There they sit amidst the clutter I made just choosing the paper I wanted to use!! Since I can't get in the groove lately, I've spent an enjoyable (but groggy) TWO HOURS looking through your site.

  2. Hey, I went around the back side of this card and the pansy is not there! Someone stole it! Call the tea party police!! Quick!

    Well, what the thiefs left behind is just gorgeous and honestly it it quite beautiful without the pansy. That pansy was such a pansy anyway!

    Love it and oh yeah, its nice to meet you Last Minute! Snort!

    Thanks for coming even if you were late! Hugs.

  3. Beautiful! Spot-on interpretation of the tea pot design even without the pansy.


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