Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kirkside Garage Sale

Flash back to October 11 - the same day we attended a wedding in the afternoon we managed to get to the Kirkside Fall Garage Sale. This time I spent $8 and got all these goodies. The teapot was $2, but I think I will use some of the Stampin' up rub on's on it to give it a personal touch. The heart dish was a buck and I'm using it right now to empty my pockets into at the end of the day (change, chapstick, bill$). The little cup and saucer was a whopping 50 cents as was the wire thing-a-ma-jig.
There was a bag of buttons for 10 cents and I think the little tart pans were 50 cents. The test tubes with the holder were a buck and I was going to use them for Halloween gifts (filled with m&m's and corked), but decided that I liked them in the holder and will try to use that as a flower holder instead.

The cones were 10 cents, the knitting and crochet needles were a buck for them all, and the hem markers were 25 cents. The two remaining packages were quite interesting. The top one in the picture is what's left of a pom-pom making set. It was only 25 cents and intrigued me enough to pick it up. But the piece de resistance was the rotary cutter. It still had a store price sticker on it for $10.58 and I got it for 50 cents!

If you add it all up it comes to just over $7 but I always round up to the next dollar when I pay them as this is a fund raiser.
Look for the buttons and the cones in a project in the near future (I hope).

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  1. Fabulous buys! The rotary cutter was a steal and all those buttons for 10-cents??? You lucky duck!


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