Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Great NJ Lighthouse Challenge - (6) Hereford Inlet and (7) Absecon

I know I am really behind on posting the remaining stops in our Lighthouse Challenge weekend.

The next stop on the tour is Hereford Inlet. This again, is one of the "house" lighthouses although this one is on the Atlantic. Hereford Inlet is just north of Wildwood. I do believe that this is the first time that I have taken a picture from this angle. I thought the flowers along the fence looked so pretty.
When you go around behind the lighthouse there is a beautiful garden with shady paths and an herbal garden too. The path takes you up to the sea. It is lined with gorgeous flowers, and in the past, those flowers have been covered with butterflies. This year it was a bit cold and windy and I don't remember seeing any butterflies.

Back again in the front between the fence and the building is a gazing ball. If you look closely at the ball you should be able to see two people reflected in it.

Here is Absecon Lighthouse. To get to this lighthouse you have to travel through Atlantic City. Well, not really through Atlantic city, but around it. It is kind of odd to see this lighthouse a block in from the ocean and partially obscured from the sea by highrises.


  1. You KNOW how much I love lighthouses. I need to find my pic of the BLock Island lighthouse for you.

  2. Does anyone NOT love lighthouses? I guess it's because the rest of us in the USA rarely get a real glimpse of one.


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