Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Great NJ Lighthouse Challenge - (2) Finn's Point Rear Range Lighthouse

Finn's Point Rear Range Lighthouse

We headed on down Route 295 and took a bathroom break at the truck stop off of Exit 2 before continuing our journey.

This is another wrought-iron open-frame lighthouse. The picture may be a little deceiving as the flag pole is much shorter than the actual lighthouse.

From the top of this lighthouse you can see the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Fort Mott State Park.

I had worn my husbands hooded Yankee sweatshirt for this trip because it was quite chilly. It was here in Finn's Point that I was scorned for that. This was definitely Philly fan area!

We quickly checked in, I snapped a picture and we were on the road again to the next stop.

To be continued.......

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