Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Seat and the Player 5/4

On Thursday of last week my husband e-mailed me that tickets we thought we weren't getting had come through for the Yankee game on Saturday - a little last minute for me. So I actually spent Friday night washing jackets and sweatshirts and packing a carryall to go to the game on Saturday. We take the train to Penn Station Newark and have to switch trains there to Penn Station in NY and then take the subway to the Bronx. The day was overcast and it was spritzing here when we left, thus the jackets and sweatshirts. We left at 9:00 for a 1:00 game and even then had to stand on the train from Newark to NY. We were picking our tickets up at the stadium but we really didn't know where, but after a walk almost completely around the perimeter we managed to find the lobby and got into the stadium just before 12. We had really good seats which were a "gift" from someone that my husband works with - just behind 3rd base and on the lower level.
The weather was great - not too hot, not too cold and we even had some sun at times. The game was great - Mike Mussina pitched for the Yankees and they won 6-1, HR by Johnny Damon. And my favorite player, Derek Jeter was on the cover of the program with a nice article inside.

It was altogether a very good day, but very exhausting. Maybe the last time we'll be in the old Yankee Stadium.

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