Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Deer Encounter

This is remarkable, really, that twice within a week my yard has become a maternity ward for the local deer. More remarkable, however, is the fact that I actually did not notice this little baby for at least 15 mins. while I was working on building my wall. You can see in the first picture that I laid down my bag of tools next to the daffodil plant and then went about my merry way moving stones around. If you look in the upper right-hand corner you'll see the start of the first course of stones that I was laying. I had picked up and moved about 7 or 8 stones before I realized that the deer was there. So of course I had to get my husband and the camera and then show the kids who took pictures with their cell phones in turn. This one is so much smaller than the one from a few days ago that I think it's a she. I continued to work for about an hour or so and she just lay there quietly taking it all in. We did not touch her or get any closer than the bag because we did not want to leave a scent on her. But my heart ached to pick her up and move her when it began to rain. I watched her shivering from the door on the front porch as the rain began to pick up.

After sitting in the rain for quite some time, she did become agitated and got up and much to my dismay started towards the road. Deer do make a sound that is similar to the bahhing of a sheep when they're in distress and she was making that noise but none of the deer that I saw across the street or later in the next yard came to her calling. It was the noise from two passing cars that sent her back up to the rocks for awhile. She came toward the house looking for a dry area but could not find any and headed down to the road again and again was scared back up towards the house. Then she managed to find shelter under some hemlocks that are on the property line. I kept checking back every now and then and finally an hour or so later, I did not see her anywhere. Fortunately, there was no evidence of an encounter with a car on the road, so I have to assume that mom finally came for her.


  1. OH, what a special treat! This little deer is so precious! Oh, how sweet! Just visited your blog for the first time after seeing you on SCS (thanks for the comment!) I love finding new blogs! Your work is marvelous, another blog to add to my faves list! Awesome stuff, hugs!

  2. Oh gosh, this is absolutely adorable!! Here I was, looking for card ideas' (& you some some great ones!) but I love photography & especially animals! Your photo's are just so gorgeous! How lucky you are to have thes cute little deer in your garden! Plesase keep posting your photo's!
    Sunshine NZ


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