Friday, October 24, 2014

Daily Paper Prompts 8 - 14

 DPP 8 - Faded.  When I saw the word faded I kept thinking faded jeans.  I actually thought about using some faded denim on this, but it wasn't were I could get to it easily so instead I created some "denim" with my SU Canvas background stamp and then took some daubers to make the flower.  I searched for a quote about roses and like this one that spoke of the last rose of summer as summer was quickly drawing to an end.

DPP 9 - Games.  I created my game board with red and yellow ink and daubers in a grid pattern.  Then I went back and added the little designs on the circles in micron pen.  

DPP 10 - Stitched Paper.  I was not able to get my sewing machine out of the cabinet (no lifting at this point) so I opted to create a background out of watercolors and added my stitching to a certain area using embroidery floss.

Here's a close up if the stitching.  You can see I used straight stitches and French knots.

DPP 11 - OGEE.  This challenge required three cards.  My first two were done with those highlighters again.  The last one I drew with a fine black marker which reminded me so much of a fish net that I went and got some fish and crab stamps to the "catch".

DPP 12 - Round.  We were to use round stickers on this.  My round sticker are clearly smiley faces which every sunflower should have in my opinion.

DPP 13 - Grid.  Well, the new watercolor set that I got had a few different shades of red and how they were lined up in the box reminded me of here you have my watercolor-brick wall.

DPP 14 - Saturated Color.  Again using the watercolors I tried to keep it simple yet get those bold colors out there.  When they were dry I added the doodles with a Micron pen.

I hope you're enjoying the little art show. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily Paper Prompts 1-7

On Monday I go back to work full time.  I've been in for 1/2 days for two weeks per doctor's orders and adjusting to my work life again.  I have a new chair being delivered tomorrow that has more support and should make things a little more comfortable.  After not being able to sit without pain from the end of May to mid-August, I am going to make sure that when I do sit I am not doing further harm.  But enough about that.  What I wanted to share, and it's taken me about three weeks to get these photographed, is a Daily Paper Prompt that I did from August until the end of September.  There were a little more than 60 prompts and I did manage to complete most of them.  You can do this too and start at any time.  The Daily Paper Prompts are found on the Daisy Yellow Blog.

If you've been here before you might remember that I did something similar starting in June.  That challenge also came from the Daisy Yellow Blog and it was the Index Card A Day.  For that one I used 3 x 5 index cards.  I chose to use 4 x 6 index cards for this challenge and do regret not doing them in an art journal.   Right now they are loose and I need to find a way to keep them together.  I had punched a hole in the 3 x 5's and used a binder ring on those, but I don't want to put holes in these.  I'll have to think some more on that.  But let me get on with it.

DPP 1 - Rainbow.  I used my Derwent Inktense pencils to draw some circular rainbows and then added the black background with my micron pen.

DPP 1 - Windows.  This was my rough watercolor interpretation of what I saw looking through the skylight in our kitchen.  The frame was a requirement of the prompt to make it look more like a window.

DPP 3 - Drips.  I wet the card and then dripped some watercolors down it letting them blend where they wanted to.

DPP 4 - Flowers.  I had been fooling around with highlighters on post-its at one point and decided to try them on this card.  The petals are highlighters with black Sharpie in between.  The background was watercolored.

DPP 5 - Linear.  I happened to have a partial sheet of labels in my work basket and took them and added swirls and scribbles of watercolors.  Then I carefully pealed them off randomly and added them diagonally to the card.  I then outlined them with a fine-tip marker to add even more linear characteristics.

DPP 6 - Certification.  I think you can read it and I am a Certified Believer in Flying Pigs.  This was rubber stamped.

DPP 7 - Leftovers.  I am not at all pleased with this one, but I told myself when I started this that I was not going to redo any of them just because they didn't appeal to me after they were done.  This was literally thrown together with scraps of leftovers from some of the cards that I did in the ICAD challenge.  

Well, there you have the first seven.  I'll try to keep each post to 7 cards until I get them all posted.  

This challenge proved to be a lot of fun and kept me occupied during my recovery.  I've been a little spendy buying more art supplies, but one can never have too many art supplies, right?.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jingle Belles - Pink Christmas II

The second card I did for the Jingle Belles Pink Christmas challenge was a little labor intensive but fun too!  I used a recently purchase Memory Box die - Large Ringlets - and first used it on Whisper White.  Then I went through my cardstock and picked out all the shades of pink that I had, from the lightest Pink Pirouette to Rose Red.  I used the die on all of those colors and then popped out the different pink bubbles and added them to the white framework.  Then I added the bubbles and frame to a panel of Pink Pirouette and layered that onto the Wild Wasabi card base.  How did all those pieces stay put?  Packing tape on the back.

The trees are from SU's Festival of Trees and I used Wild Wasabi and Regal Rose Ink on them.  I added some of the leftover stars from the first card to one of the trees just for a little sparkle.  The sentiment - be merry - is another Essentials by Ellen die, Merry and Bright in Wild Wasabi. 

Hmmm, now that I've blown up these trees in the picture, I think I'll go back and add a little sparkle to the center of the pink flowers on that tree.  

So now it's time to go and check out all the lovely pinkiness that the Jingle Belles have to offer this week.  And remember, anyone can participate in these challenges and if you do make a card and post it, you'll be supporting breast cancer research through the generosity of the Jingle Belle hostesses.

Jingle Belles Pink Christmas

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite Jingle Belles Challenges.  Not just because of the generosity of Lauren and Stephanie who have pledged to donate $4 per card to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but also because we have to use pink in our Christmas card(s).  And not just a little pink, but as much as we want to.

For my first card I went through my box (ha ha! that would be many boxes) of Christmas ribbon and pulled out those that had pink in them.  I snipped some short lengths of each of them and then played with laying them side-by-side until I found a combination that I liked.  Then, using red line tape, I taped them to some Whisper White CS and used my SU tree punch to punch out my tree.  Punching through ribbon is a little more difficult than just punching cardstock and with the added red line tape, it's even a little harder so you'll have to stand up to use your punch.  Giving your butt a break by standing now and then while crafting is a good thing.   

I found the Recollections Pink Paisley paper at Michael's and used it against a card base of Basic Gray.  I added a doily to the side of the front panel to provide a little "quiet" space for the tree.  The sentiment "Joy" is from the Essentials by Ellen Zipper Panel Die collection and actually the die says "enjoy" but I just use JOY.  That was created with Melon Mambo and layered onto the same in Brushed Silver.  I punched the stars (I hope you can see a little of the ones that I scattered all over the panel) out of silver glitter paper using my new SU star border punch.

(See above post for my second card.)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lunar Eclipse

So my excuse for the blurry pictures is that I didn't have my tripod - it's at the condo, but I didn't want to not attempt to get a picture of it since HWNSNBP woke me up early enough.  

We couldn't see the moon from the house, even from the second floor because of all the trees.  I knew I had a little time to find a spot nearby with an unobstructed view before it was over and before HWNSNBP had to leave for work so I quickly got in the car and drove a little ways down the road to a dead end street in the industrial park near us - some high ground.   I tried very hard to use the side view mirror of the car to steady my hand while taking the pictures, and really, when you look at them in the little screen on the camera, you can't tell that they are blurry until you download them in their normal size.    

Once the earth totally blocked the moon that was it for pictures as those trees were now obscuring it and I really needed to get back home.  The moon did not appear red as I looked at it without the camera.  It was only when I zoomed in on it that the color appeared.  

October Anniversary

My son and daughter-in-law had their second anniversary this month.  These poor kids have been waiting a year now for their house to be finished.  They've been staying at our condo during this wait and I know they're getting frustrated.  Thankfully for us though, someone got (and is still getting) good use out of it as I wasn't able to travel back and forth too often both before and after my surgery.

I strayed away from the beach theme this year but I still used their wedding colors.  In fact, I wasn't too pleased with the colors on my first card so I did a second.

First I tried the Anna Griffith die on Sahara Sand over a base of Crumb Cake.   I used my aquapainter to add the color to the embossed areas in Bermuda Bay.  

It was time consuming but the embossing helps to put the ink in the right place.  I went back when it was dry and added some more ink to give the flowers and leaves some shading.  

I thought it could use a little more "pop" so I tried the embossing folder/die in Very Vanilla and again, aquapainted it with Bermuda Bay.

I altered the ribbon placement on the second card.  Then I had to decide which one to put in the mail.

I won't say which one I sent, I'll let you guess.   But now I have an extra card for another occasion!

Walking in Circles

Walking has been a big part of my recovery and we have one area on our property that is fairly flat enough for me use.  Our driveway pulls completely around the back of our house and years ago we turned the very end of it into a partial basketball court - not quite the size of a full half court.  Well, the net was taken down several years ago but the macadam remains and that's where I've been doing my "laps", morning and evening most days.  

I'm very careful to watch where I'm walking and while I was out there a few days ago, this stick that was lying on the ground caught my eye.  I thought it looked like a strange paintbrush so I went back in the house to get my grabby thing to pick it up and get a closer look.

I don't know if it's a fungus or a moss or something else, but I thought it was pretty cool looking.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Doubling Up - Jingle Belles and Merry Monday

Perhaps that title is a little misleading, I'm doubling up the number of Christmas cards I'm making this time, but not combining challenges.  

The first card is for the Jingle Belles challenge to use 3 or more patterned papers on your card.  I am a slacker when it comes to using patterned paper and there's no excuse for it because I have a separate box full of Christmas-themed paper that I keep right at my feet under my work table.  See, this is why I need challenges like this so I can delve into the box and see what comes of it.  Although I did have to get HWNSNBP involved this time because I couldn't pick up the box myself.  That's always a dangerous thing..... inviting him into the stamp cave.  Even more dangerous letting him look underneath the table.  Yikes!  I was  a bit sneaky though and pulled the box out from under the table with my foot, put a big post-it on it with a big X and left him a note on the kitchen counter to please put it on my chair when he got home from work while I was at physical therapy.  

There was a technique challenge recently on Splitcoast called Punch Strips, so I tried it out with these patterned papers and a punch that resembled an ornament.  I found some glittered star buttons that fit perfectly on the top of the "ornaments" and punched a couple other stars in gold foil and gold glitter paper for the top.  I took some red rick-rack and wrapped thin gold thread around it first, made a loopy mess out of the thread and added the stars over the top of it.  

The second card was done for the Merry Monday challenge - to use neon colors on your Christmas card.  I had seen this stamp set used with watercolored backgrounds and some alcohol ink backgrounds but this one is done with daubers.  

I embossed the images from SU's The Newborn King in white EP and then swirled on the colors with my daubers.  Then I did some detail work with my SU markers on the manger scene and star.  This is definitely one of those cards that looks much better IRL.  For whatever reason, it was very difficult to take a clear picture of it, or maybe it was just my eyes last night, but I'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out.  I'd love to hear what you think.

I'm off to visit the Jingle Belles and Merry Monday to see the other wonderful creations. Take a peak!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Primary Colors

Fall has arrived and so have the intense colors that are so beautiful.  But the primary colors stood out for me the other day............




Within a day those leaves dried up, curled up, and became crunchy under my feet.  The chrysanthemum is held hostage in it's cage so as not to become dessert for the deer or groundhogs. And the morning glories are taking advantage of the fall angle of the sun and staying open longer into the day, but they will perish as soon as we have a frost.  The weeds that I never got to this summer are brown in the landscape giving the backyard a bit of a meadow-like appearance.  It's pleasing and frustrating at the same time.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sharing Their Creativity

I had a visitor recently and during the course of our conversation I was telling her all about my interactions with friends that I have made through this blog.  It was when I was showing her my Shabby Charlotte from Clare that I realized that I never shared her here.  Clare makes these adorable little dolls that, as I mentioned she calls Shabby Charlottes.  Each doll is individually handcrafted sometimes with and sometimes without a special person in mind.  Clare names them all and gives them a little story card explaining all about them.

This is Beatrice
"Beatrice is a very special little doll with a wonderful sense of humor and a great smile.  She loves a good cup of tea - preferably in a pretty teacup...and even better if served with fancy little finger sandwiches and pastries...and shared with friends.  Beatrice loves to make things...and is always ready to turn a few simple pieces of paper into a work of art.  She loves nature and sees beauty all around her.  She likes to keep a little bird seed in her bag just in case the mood strikes her to stop and do a little bird watching.  Beatrice is kind, thoughtful, and believes nothing is impossible...why with determination and hope - she even believes pigs can fly."

In Beatrice's purse adorned with a teacup charm is a tiny little folded crane, a little colored pencil, and the tiniest little pouch of tea.

Around her neck is a necklace with a flying pig and around her waist - every at the ready - is a tiny heart stamp.  

She is so special to me.  I am only sorry that I did not share her sooner.  Thank you Clare, and thank you for the wonderful "orange" crane that you sent me to cheer me up during my recovery.  You are so very thoughtful and do know how to cheer me up!

And my blogging friend Sabrina sent me this wonderful card.  I absolutely love this quote.  It says so much about using the gifts that you have - something I feel very strongly about especially when someone questions me about why I spend so much of my time creating.  Don't you just love the sweet little birds!  Thank you Sabrina!

Sabrina had send me some crafting supplies for my birthday and I finally got around to using some of them.  Some little muslin pennants, tiny wood birds, and an assortment of nature printed ribbon.  Hmmm, what to do with these?

I lined the pennant pieces up in this order.....

added some snippets of ribbon to each pennant piece, and stained the little wooden birds with my SU markers to look like bluebirds, then I glued them onto each pennant.  

I tied it around a glass dish that has some plants in it and it looks great (but doesn't photograph well because of the glass).  I'm so pleased with the way this came out.  HWNSNBP even commented that he liked it.