Thursday, October 20, 2016

Colorful Fall

The goldfinches are taking on their winter coloring but still look beautiful amongst what's still left of the zinnias.

Goldenrod is flourishing this year all over, but looked especially pretty along this sand dune.

The monarchs are migrating.  There are many places along the Jersey shoreline that you will find them before they take flight across the Delaware Bay and down the coast to Mexico.  

This one was fueling up on the lantana at the garden behind the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

The sun through the golden leaves of the maples lining the river bank on my way to work.  

And as I further attempt to sort through things as I'm re-entering my craft room, found items that I've saved for much too long are being repurposed.  These fall colors kept popping up and enticing me to use them up.  

This layered mandala is one of a few that I had stored away.  I believe this was one of the first stamps that I ever bought.  Outlines stamps, purchase in Delaware at a little stamp shop that I found while visiting my daughter when she went to school down there.  (We're talking around 2001-2002.) They've since gone out of business, but this is where my stamping addiction took root.  

Behind the mandala is actually a repurposed gift card holder - Starbuck's I think.  And a maple leaf jewel. Found a whole box of them............

Another Outlines stamp mandala. This one colored with colored pencils.  I centered it on a kraft card base and then used a ruler to mark out where I wanted to put my stitching and then punched the pilot holes with a needle tool. The variegated cotton thread in fall colors was another "re"find.  

Our weather is anything but normal for this time of year.  With the temps back up to the low 80's we opted to turn the AC on again while we had our little "Indian summer".  And as I'm typing this the weatherman is saying it's going to be blustery, brisk and cooler with the next 24 hours.  

Hope you're enjoying fall wherever you are!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kite Festival

Okay, so, now I'm only a week behind........because this was from last weekend.  The International Kite Festival on Long Beach Island in NJ.  It was a funny kind of day, one that had you needing a jacket/sweatshirt but not really needing it once you started moving.  Or maybe that was just me.  The air was damp and the skies were just a tad bit foreboding, however, that proved to be okay as far as looking up and taking pictures.   We played the weather right and went for first thing on Saturday morning and we were glad we did because shortly after we left it started raining and it didn't stop for the rest of the weekend we heard.

We could see some of the kites on the beach as we came off the bridge.  And here is the view as we got to the top of the dune before entering the beach area.

No, the pig is not having an embarrassing moment - just bad timing with my picture and getting that white kite behind her.  I could have picked the other photo I had of her but I wanted to get the fish in here.

A whole pod of whales.

These are very appropriate for the beach.

All kinds of creatures - real and fantastical.

A couple of last photos before we left - you can see the size relationship of the kites and people in this one.  The little kids were loving running under and sitting under the duck which was tethered pretty close to the ground.  We think this will be a great event to take Ryan to next year and Michelle agreed.  

Pig down!

I'm doing a little artistic challenge this month call Inktober.  The goal being to do one drawing in ink each day.  This octopus was one of my inspirations.

My drawings are pretty simple.  I've seen some posted on the internet that are very detailed and wonderfully done.  There are so many gifted artists out there.

These sharks were the inspiration for the card below.  I had just put a tangle in my tangle calendar called Shark Teeth and it seemed fitting to give them the whole page.  I'm using a little booklet of index cards held together with a ring.  It came with a front and back hard plastic cover with an elastic band to hold them together.  (A Dollar Tree find.)

And one more close-up of that flying pig.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

BIrds of Great Bay Blvd.

I mentioned in an earlier post that on Pirate's Day we went on a little exploring adventure. HWNSNBP and I had taken a ride a couple weeks earlier down a road we had never been down before and wanted to share it with our friends.  The road is called Great Bay Boulevard and it takes you through the nature preserve and it's waterways out to the Great Bay.  

I had a selfish reason for wanting to go back - I hadn't brought my camera with me the first time.  I only had my cell phone camera which can be good for some things, but I don't find it particularly easy to take pictures with it outside as I have problems seeing what's on the screen when there's a lot of sunlight. 

So, armed with my camera(s), we drove and drove and drove down the road.  At points on this road there are traffic lights.  Why would you think you would need traffic lights on such a lonely road? Well there are several one lane bridges with no visibility to the other side as they are right near curves in the road (who planned that!).  So you must obey the lights and wait and see if there are any cars coming your way or certainly there would be a stand-off at or on the bridge. They have signs that prohibit fishing off these bridges but clearly this person on the bridge can't read.

So when we got to the end of the road there was a little barrier of shrubs and small trees between the road and the bay, and since we stopped this time, we noticed that there was a path that went through the vegetation to the beach so we took it.  

There was one lone plover scurrying around the beach.  And when I say beach I mean there was about 15 feet of sandy area before you got to the water which I'm sure changed as the tide changed but for that day there was enough of a beach to walk on and explore.

All along this road were grassy marshes and they were full of birds.  

I've always wanted a picture of this white bird in a tree and finally I got one.

Down another nearby road we found all these birds - mostly cormorants - just hanging around.

And seagulls flying overhead.  

Great Bay. Great Bay Boulevard. Great birds. Great friends. Great day!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pirate's Day - Almost Forgotten September Fun

I was transferring some photos from my cell phone today and realized that I hadn't posted these pictures from Pirate's Day....... from September.  Ack!  

The second weekend in September they celebrate Pirate's Day in Barnegat.  What does this mean? Well it's a street fair of sorts.  They close off part of the main thoroughfare and have tents and stands set up from all kinds of local groups and vendors.  They have two bandstands.  On one they have musicians, on the other they have Pirates who do performances throughout the day.  There are some food vendors - mainly the local restaurants and some local farm stand representation.  And there's a field set up with activities for the kids like bouncy houses and such.  

We live on what's called Pirate's Peninsula and we're lucky enough to be right across the street from the public dock where they have a shuttle that comes to take people right into the heart of town.  

Before we jumped on the shuttle however, our good friend JT set up a treasure hunt for us.  We were the blue team and our other friends R&L were the green team.  She handed each of us our first clue, ours were the blue one's.  And each time we figured out a clue it sent us to find the next one.

The only time we left the condo area was when we got the first clue to find our rock across the street at the dock.  Then she handed us the second which brought us back to our complex.  

Ultimately, the last clue brought us to a treasure chest..................

Which she filled with Pirate's Booty, gold chocolate coins, a 100 Grand candy bar, and a handful of scratch-off lottery tickets. 

We really had fun figuring out the clues and finding our treasure.

And she had the most appropriate snacks too!

It was brutally hot that day in September, and just walking around the town was very uncomfortable so after we made a quick pass through, we ventured over to Doyle's Pour House for lunch. 

After lunch, we all got in the car and took a drive and did some exploring (separate post to come).

That evening was the last concert for the summer.  

It was one of those days filled with fun and good friendship!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pinktober - Jingle Belles

I have to admit that I don't mind using pink or blue or purple on my Christmas cards.  Red, green and white in all shades are also pretty regular choices. Yellows and oranges are a stretch, unless of course, they're mixed with any of those other colors.  When I ordered this stamp from Amuse recently, I was picturing the poinsettias in pink - those are the ones that I gravitate to. And since it arrived here in October, it was the perfect choice to use for this challenge.

I attempted to use a technique called no-line watercoloring.  I started by stamping the image in a light color, and I could have and probably should have gone at least another shade lighter.  But my aim was not to have dark lines outlining the image and I think I accomplished that.  I used Regal Rose, Pretty in Pink and Pink Pirouette as my pink choices and when it came to the stems and sprays, I didn't think that a shade of green would look too good over the pink lines so I went with Creamy Caramel. The ink was squished onto the inside of the stamp pad lids and I used an aquapainter brush.  After I added the Creamy Caramel centers and dots to the flowers I took a marker of the same color and highlighted them with that.  On the small flowers I also added some Clear Wink of Stella.  The sequins were added at the end beeeeccccaaaaaauuuuussssssseee, and I don't know where it came from, something black and oily, but thankfully small, appeared on the watercolor paper after I added the ribbon. They're a little bit bright, but they're serving a purpose.  

Now I'm encouraging all my card-making friends to think about joining this challenge.  It's not only a Christmas card you'll be creating, but our Jingle Belles Lauren and Stephanie will be donating $2 each to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  You have until 6 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, 10/19. Check out all the beautiful pink Christmas cards that have already been posted here.

Just sneaking in a quick pic of our little guy who just turned 6 months old.  He has stolen our hearts!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Flowers and Leaves

They were predicting a frost last night so I spent some time outside when I got home from work cleaning up some potted plants to bring inside for the winter and cutting some zinnias for a bouquet. HWNSNBP found a pack (or a couple of pkgs.) of seeds in the basement earlier this summer labeled wildflowers.  He decided he wanted to plant them to see what came up.  We were both surprised to see zinnias come up as we don't consider them wildflowers.  But they sure were pretty.

I think I've mentioned that I've been reorganizing my craft supplies since HWNSNBP finished the floor and walls in the stamp cave.  I still have so much to go through.  One of the things that I did come across was a plastic bag full of stamped and embossed leaves in fall colors.  Honestly, there are so many of them and I can't for the life of me remember why I put so much effort into creating them in the first place.  That was one reason I decided not to toss them.  I used some, and I really mean only some because there are still many left, on this card.  

I started with a kraft card base (I believe these cards are 5 x 7) and added a band of washi tapes in kraft and gold.  Then I took a variety of leaves - these happen to all be embossed with gold, and arranged them in a neat pile.  Before I added the last leaf to the top of the pile I took some thin gold cording and gathered that up into loops.  I taped that down on the pile and then added the last leaf with a dimension.  I wasn't intending on adding the sequins however, when you drop a leaf glue-side-down onto the card base and leave a smudge where the glue was, you need to come up with something.  I had another package of 5 complimentary colored sequins (all shades of gold, some orange, and brown) which I glued sporadically around the front.  

I really like the way this came out.  I'm going to use it as a get well card for one of our cafeteria aides who just had some minor surgery.  She likes to wear a lot of bling so I think she will like all the bling on this card.  

I might throw together a couple more of these cards just to have as seasonal notecards because I've got a ton more of embossed leaves.  It was pretty quick to assemble.  And I like things that are pretty quick and that I can fit in when I've got little snatches of time.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

September Tangles

Jumped back into my tangles in September.  Not to say I didn't get behind sometimes, but for the most part, I kept up.

September 1 - LO's/Anita Westin
September 2 - Cindyer/Yu Ru Chen
September 3 - Ironwork/Silke Wagner
September 4 - Mystery/Unknown

September 5 - Specto/Silke Wagner
September 6 - Floral Waves/Svetlana Krasnobay
September 7 - Rosey/Smita Toke

September 8 - Fayda/Indrani Novello
September 9 - El Prado/Maria Tovar
September 10 - Madrono/Maria Tovar
September 11 - Breezy/Sandra Shubert

September 12 - Abeko/Lynn Mead
September 13 - Drogon/Lily Moon
September 14 - 3V/Mina Hsaio

September 15 - Starcrossed/Jenna Black
September 16 - X's and Orbs/Maureen Stott
September 17 - Trangle/Jody Genovese
September 18 - Squiggles/Lesley Goldberg

September 19 - Eleganza/Simone Bischoff
September 20 - 1/2 orbs/Mina Hsaio
September 21 - Mariposa/Viveca R. Chenoweth

September 22 - Kirkland/Andrea Chebelev
September 23 - Yess/Shazia
September 24 - CarryLeaf/Agneta Landegren
September 25 - drap/Christina Vandervlist

September 26 - Commas/Chrissy Whitney
September 27 - Grace/Helena
September 28 - Coroline/Poppie_60

September 29 - Coil/Sue Jacobs
September 30 - Arches/Lesley Goldberg