Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scribble Picnic - QUILTS

We're supposed to bring QUILTS to the picnic this week.  I don't have a scribbled quilt but I do have a paper quilt.  Well, the start of a paper quilt with the help of a new Neat and Tangled die.  I die cut a few different colors and played with possible combinations knowing that I wanted the green as my background. 

And I decided that I wanted the blue as the framework.  

Because I was going to add this watercolored stamped image.

And then I added some yellow.
And more blue.  

I decided to stay totally away from the lavender and pink and I haven't glued anything down yet so can you help me decide which looks best - A, B, or C so I can finish this quilt card?  Choosing colors was always the problem I had when making a quilt.  I think I spent more time in the fabric store trying to make up my mind.  There are just so many patterns and colors to choose from.  I thought it would be simpler using non-patterned paper for this.  

And now I have all the other colors I can use, along with some patterned papers to make some more quilted cards.  There is a bonus in that.

Speaking of bonuses - there are more quilts to check out over at Michael's Scribble Picnic.  Time to stop by and visit.  You can too by clicking here.  And should you care to join in next week the theme is PICKET FENCE.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Jingle Belles Take II - An Orange in Your Stocking

Wouldn't you love to get closer to that tree to see the decorations?  I know I would.  This is, once again, the photo inspiration for this fortnight's Jingle Belle challenge.  

The closest I've come to an out-of-the-box, non-traditional Christmas tree is the skinny, candy apple green, metallic tree we've had for our Merry Fishmas in July.  

I was playing around with some Mermaid Markers in a teal and coral shade and it reminded me of the beach and then I remembered the stamp set I had bought - SU's Beachy Little Christmas.

And this was born. 

A tree kind of like our Merry Fishmas tree (but in very different colors).  You can't really see in the picture, but the shells on the tree and the ornaments have a little Wink of Stella sparkle on them.  

I'm going to head on over to the Jingle Belles blog and check out all the other "orangy" creations.  You can join me by clicking here.  

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mini Scrap Collages - 78-84/365

EDITED - I thought I was being creative using the tan tissue paper behind these, but the camera would edit the colors as the picture was taken as you might have previously noticed from the variance in the tissue color.  The lighting was always the same as was the distance and I tried to make edits to them to get them to appear more like what they really looked like.  However, when I pulled up this post on my work computer today I was horrified at the way they looked.  So, I decided to retake the photos with a white tissue background and I am more pleased with them now.  So sorry if this shows up in your feed more than once, but I think you might appreciate them more now as I can actually tell that there are some papers with texture and everything is not dayglo!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Scribble Picnic - PAJAMAS or PYJAMAS

This week's theme for the Picnic is Pajamas or Pyjamas.  (My computer spellcheck feature underscores pyjamas but it also underscores words like colour and theatre and favourite which are not wrong but just spelled differently depending where you're from.)

Now I like a good "pajama day".  What's that? you might ask.  That's where you know you're not going out anywhere, the weather is usually bad, and you stay comfortably in your pj's all day.  It might involve taking a little "bird bath" and keeping those jammies on, or showering up and putting on a fresh pair.  Hygiene aside - however you're comfortable is fine.  I've had a couple of pajama days this winter coinciding with the snow days we had off from school.  Below is a picture of my grandson his mom sent me from his pajama day he had when daycare closed because of snow.  Doesn't everyone wear boots over their jammies when they Swiffer the windows?  (He LOVES sweeping!)

Initially I thought I would try to recreate that scene, but, falling short of time as I usually do I opted to go another direction.  

When I was substitute teaching, I often was called to the lower elementary school - grades K-2 at the time.  I loved working with the younger children.  Every sub has their favorite age group I'm sure.  I once did a long-term sub assignment for the vocal music teacher.  One of the songs that she had me work on with the youngest students was "Bananas in Pajamas".  After being there for a couple of weeks, it became quite an "earworm" - that and the second-graders singing "I Can't Spell Hippopotamus".  

I must admit that I did not know that this was a cartoon of sorts.  I just thought it was a kid's song.

I don't sub anymore, I've been working in the office for 14 years now.  Amongst my duties is updating attendance.  This is our late sign-in sheet for today.  The second student has been late a few times in the last month or so and every time his dad cracks me up with the reasons.  "Sock wars" today.  One day it was "procrastinating" and the boy gave him a look like "really?"  Dad just shot back at him with, "well, it's either that or dilly-dallying"  you choose".  

Below that, a grandma came in with her twin grandsons and she looked like she'd been through the mill.  Reason - dog ran away.  Poor grandma had to help the boys round up the dog and they missed the bus so she had to drive them to school.  I felt bad because I think she was still in her pajamas!

Time to see the Pajama fashion show at the picnic.  

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday

Hard to believe he's 2 already!

Jingle Belles - Orange You Glad it's Christmas

Isn't this a fresh look for Christmas?  The orange and white with the bits of lime green and aqua/mint are really outside the realm of tradition.  But it's so pretty.  So pretty as to be the inspiration for the prompt for Jingle Belles this fortnight.  Of course, with any inspiration photo, you get to pick the parts that inspire you, so there are really no limitations.  

I did find the colors inspiring.  I think I've used orange before once or twice on a Christmas card but not this much.  It was only sparingly in the background.  This time I decided to be a little more bold about it.  

The tree is die cut from white glitter paper and I added gems of various sizes in orange and lime green for the ornaments.  The bow is orangey/copper metallic elastic cording.  The orange glitter you see is ribbon already glittered.  

I enjoyed working with these "non-traditional" Christmas colors.  Not sure who's going to get this card, but that's usually not my decision.  HWNSNBP is responsible for choosing who gets what card unless I've specially marked them.  

This challenge will be open for another week so I might just get inspired one more time.  You can check out all the other wonderful interpretations of this cheery room by clicking here.