Sunday, July 23, 2017

ICAD 2017 - Week 7 - Days 43 - 49

Week 7  - Themes (optional)
 (sorry for the busy background, should have chosen better)

Days 43 - 49 Prompts (optional) 

Day 43 - Lyrics
Inktense pencils and Micron marker.  Lyrics from "Late Lament" by the Moody Blues.  Inspired by a post on Facebrook from a friend attending their concert that evening.  

Day 44 - Denim or Blue
Prima watercolors on gessoed card.  Collaged with denim scrap, stickers, corrugated cardboard scraps and punch waste.

Day 45 - Night Sky
Peerless watercolors, white acrylic paint, gel marker, glow in the dark star sticker.  Some more lyrics on this one from "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight".  Do you remember Dr. Kildare?  I think he was my first crush.  

Day 46 - Love
Prima watercolors and Micron pen.  

Day 47 - Layers.
This idea started when I picked up some loose bark pieces from a tree adjacent to our school parking lot.  I sorted through some of my stash to find something to go with it and luckily found a selection of owls that I thought would be perfect with the woodsy items.  How many owls can you spot? 

Day 48 - Intersection
These little arrow stickers (or are they supposed to be houses????) reminded me of the arrows that you see on maps that say "YOU ARE HERE".  So I labeled each intersection in that way.

Day 49 - Charm Bracelet
Tambi watercolors, metallic brush markers, Micron pen, Caran D'Ache Pablo pencils.  You can see my full write-up on this card here as I also used it in conjunction with the Scribble Picnic theme of LADYBUG this week.  

Twelve days to go with these.  


  1. I like your owl collection. A few times I've picked up bits of birch bark from the road, but I think they only ever made it onto a card once. I'm not as good as you at upcycling. Similarly, I have an old pair of jeans on a chair up here for using on cards - also only once. The denim and corrugated card is a great combination!

  2. I have a stack of denim jeans that I've been saying for years I'm going to make into a quilt. Every once and awhile I'll find something to use some of it on. This was a scrap of which I have way too many!!!


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