Sunday, July 9, 2017

ICAD 2017 - Week 5 - Days 29 - 35

Week 5 was a lot of fun.  I only went off prompt once, the day that we were traveling.  I'll mention why below.

Week 5 - Themes (Optional)

Days 29 - 35 Prompts

Day 29 - Polka Dot
Colored pencil and watercolor.  When I posted this on the Daisy Yellow ICAD Facebook page someone asked me to explain my thought process for this.  Specifically I could not.  I just remember sitting at Chili's for lunch with HWNSNBP after having wasted a better part of the day going back and forth for our car (the window was fixed but then the air-conditioning went) and thinking about the prompt and what I would do when I got home and this popped into my head.  I'm not sure if this is how polka dots are born or if my chicken was just too spicy!

Day 30 - Gyroscope
I know what a gyroscope is, but we were getting ready to leave for a 5-day extended weekend and my brain just couldn't wrap around "gyroscope".  So instead, as I was packing my supplies to go, I gathered bits from the table and made a one staple collage.  This included patterns that I had used on previous cards, the envelope from a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, and old (losing) lottery ticket, a tea bag envelope, one of Kirby's feathers and some scrap pieces from a previouse card.  

Day 31 - Faux Wallpaper
I started with two shades of blue watercolors and then tried to use a stencil over the background with some white acrylic paint.  In the first apartment that HWNSNBP and I lived in, we hung wallpaper in the bedroom that was lightblue.  If you looked at it close up, you could see it was made of tiny little dots of various shades of light blue and white.  

Day 2 - Desert or Dessert
Since our Scribble Picnic theme for the week was WATERMELON, I decided to use dessert.  I once carved a watermelon like this for a special occasion - I think it might have been my sister's bridal shower.  It was very time consuming and I remember having to be very careful with those swan necks.  But it did look nice.  This was done with watercolors, white acrylic paint, and a stabilo marker.

Day 33 - Orange
This was fun.  It's actually the second rendition of what I had in my head.  The first one was too Lucy Goosey, so I redid it paying more attention to what I was painting.  This is watercolored with Micron pen details.

Day 34 - Fourth of July
On our way home on the 4th HWNSNBP and I stopped at our favorite ice cream place along the way.  The paper wrapping on their cones is a flag and HWNSNBP happened to have a double wrapped cone which gave me enough to cut them up into this banner.  Then I drew the word LIBERTY in marker and painted it with metallic Prima watercolors.

Day 35 - Favorite Type of Apple
Watercolor and Posca Pen.  Who were Frenchy, Rizzo, Jan, and Marty you might ask?  They were the Pink Ladies - get it?


  1. Lovely work for the prompts good for you

  2. These are wonderful. I especially like the "orange" one.
    Have a wonderful day!


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